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Posted by mervfrench on August 15, 2010

Spotted this rig parked in town the other day so I had to have a closer look. For some reason, known only to the owners, they had covered the van in old newspapers from the 1950’s, quite unique you’ve got to admit.

What can happen when you cover your van in old newspapers from the 50’s is old guys from the 50’s stop and start reading  the side of your caravan.  This guy was telling me all about the old pictures of the footy and the price of cars,washing machines, radios, and he even knew one of the girls that was pictured on the social page ……. classic eh !!!!!!

6 Responses to “Filed under… ” The Things You See”…..”

  1. That’s pretty cool Merv…….be pretty funny if you saw yourself on the side of that van!!

  2. Donelle said

    WOW…… Thats pretty cool!!! What a groovy van to have a holiday in!! lol

  3. hodgy1 said

    Love it,….. Is he pointing at you in that photo ??

    We saw a few retro style vans on trip and some of the vans and cars were really well done. Most of them had all the mod cons inside so they were pretty comfy as well.

    • mervfrench said

      Not sure what was inside …. would have liked to have a look.

      Might have been a mobile dope van … who would look in there !!!!

      Wouldn’t go that well on the central road though I suspect.

  4. Peta said

    Very cool, I bet he would have many stories to tell…

  5. Brilliant!!

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