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Avon Descent

Posted by mervfrench on August 7, 2010

I went down and had a quick look at the Avon Descent this morning.   The river is at a record low so it is tough slow going for the power boats and paddlers although the paddlers may have the advantage.

Last year the boats were shooting Extracts Weir, this year they were just  dragging it over.

Down stream  it was a little better with some quicker water. thru this narrow channel was ok.

These guys did it real tough, they broke the leg off the motor and were walking to Toodyay , no fun !!!

10 Responses to “Avon Descent”

  1. Great shots Merv

    they should have called it the Avon Walk this year eh!

    I have done it 4 times in a canoe and very glad I didn’t do it this year eh!

  2. Hey Merv, Great selection of images. I was only thinking before the weekend at how low the river may be, you’ve just shown me. Probably be a record for the slowest winning time this year.

  3. hodgy1 said

    Geez looks terrible, About half the field didn’t finish so i’ve heard. You can understand why looking at these pic’s.
    I like the bottom one best.

    • mervfrench said

      Said on the news tonight only 2 out of the 40 power boats that entered finished the race. Those two guys were in a good frame of mind considering what they were going thru , they had walked a fair way.

  4. davidsobik said

    Good job Merv. Yes its dry as down here as well. Yep with Hodgy, the last one is a cracker.

  5. muzz said

    A couple of decent shots here Merv 😉

    • mervfrench said

      Don’t i get a long winded and fully detailed critical explanation as to the reasons why these shot’s are just so damn good !!!!

      • muzz said

        My records indicate that you are currently only subscribed as a Bronze member. To access the services you requested you will need to upgrade your plan to Gold membership. Shall I send you the invoice? By the way, I said “decent” not “so damn good” – blatant lies will be billed on an individual basis. 🙂

  6. mattinman said

    From some of the photo’s I’ve seen, it was indeed the Avon Hike, they could’ve left the canoe at home and swam/walked it!

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