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Frozen Lamb.

Posted by mervfrench on August 6, 2010

Another shot from a cold (-6) frosty morning  in Arrowtown NZ.  These sheep were trying hard to get a little to eat and waiting patiently  for the warm sun to take effect.

10 Responses to “Frozen Lamb.”

  1. Antonio Ranieri said

    Hey Merv

    I love NZ not only for the photography but for trout fishing also!! Love this shot too mate it’s captured the essence of NZ

  2. Nice one mate. Doesn’t look as thought it minds the frost.

  3. muzz said

    Hogget? Nice capture – pity you didn’t have your beauty dish and get it to look dreamily towards camera top right 😉

  4. christian said

    Hang on muzz what is wrong with gazing to the right with dreamy eyes? My wife does that to me all the time. Is it a sheep theme starting up again Merv?

    • mervfrench said

      Don’t think it ever went away !!!

      i used to shear the bloody things and they have left a lasting impression.

    • muzz said

      I’m all for it CF. Some of the best portraits I’ve seen recently use it. Just have to work out how to get the look the models have – must be a prop or something dreamy to look at.

  5. Tony Middleton said

    classic shot merv – very ‘crisp’ 🙂

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