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Wet Work

Posted by mervfrench on July 23, 2010

Driving around on a recent foggy morning  and  noticed a lot of these on the fences and thought  … well why not shoot one , see how it works out.

20 Responses to “Wet Work”

  1. Merv,

    What a really clever shot. Just goes to show its the photos that are outside the norm are the most stunning. Well done mate.


  2. Spot on Merv, really like this image.

  3. True North Mark said

    Yep I like it too mate!

    I was setting up a cob web shot in Mt Beauty that would have been a beauty with all the Autumn colours etc…I tried to move a branch that was in the way…a drop of water fell down and killed my cute little cobweb….I was very dismayed and a few expletives were voiced!

  4. muzz said

    Well spotted and well captured – makes me want to get out of bed early and go for a drive in the country. Maybe clone dark area top right?

  5. True North Mark said

    Where have you been lately Muzz?

    Haven’t seen a comment from you for months and then over the last week you have been on fire!

    Good to see you back dude!

    • muzz said

      Got a bit behind on the blogs, then tied up during school hols with the kids so thought I’d spend a couple of hours catching up. I’m exhausted now, so I might have to have a little rest again for a while 😉

  6. wayte27 said

    Hey Merv this is just way too cool you mate. Seriously this is a great shot. Love it, There are many cropping options but a tight crop would be awesome. Man made line V nature lines BRILLIANT This can certainly go on the wall in the macro gallery 😉

    Also what is the other canon camera you have, Im after a pocket size camera for the Mrs to use when she goes over seas, she’s not keen on taking the DSLR.

  7. Good title 😀 This is well executed and well seen mate, good eye. I would crop tighter on one side so the web is moved to lower 2/3rds and then have the other side open.

  8. mattinman said

    Gets my thumbs up, I like the composition, nice and simple.

  9. Nuh way more than that mate…I was stamping the ground lime a spoiled school beat!

    I reckon my last post might get a yup from you mate!

  10. Donald said

    Nice one Merv. I like the colours nice and rich like they are, and the emotion that comes from all but the web/fence being fuzzy.



  11. Kheng said

    Great work Merv, the colours in the shot are just brilliant.

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