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Filed under … “The Things You See”

Posted by mervfrench on July 21, 2010

Self explanatory really .   Snapped in a NZ car park.


9 Responses to “Filed under … “The Things You See””

  1. davidsobik said

    Funny hahah! Maybe they are a Gospel singer and did not get it????

  2. muzz said

    Looks like a pub car park to me…….. Pretty funny, coming from a Falcon driver hey bro 🙂

  3. took me a while to get it but the penny finally dropped!

  4. hodgy1 said

    I know the boat on my blog isn’t your’s, but this car could be haha.

  5. That is pretty funny Merv. I did think it was Your Soul at first but I’m with you I don’t think that is what its supposed to be.


  6. gold. good as gold eh bro?

  7. Haha funny and even two meanings – could be the devils car or could just be insulting the driver behind. Love it!

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