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Another Shot Along The Frosty Walk.

Posted by mervfrench on July 20, 2010

Same deal here, further along the walk and another snap of a -5 frost shot with the Canon S90.  I’d probably never go for a walk at home  if it was zero let alone – 5 , but we really enjoyed this.

11 Responses to “Another Shot Along The Frosty Walk.”

  1. davidsobik said

    I have to get back there in winter. Very “cool” image.

  2. True North Mark said

    Some great colours in there Merv!

  3. mattinman said

    Oh, and I thought Sydney was cold, with all these thunderstorms and lightening! Great capture Merv, a bit different to wheatbelt WA ay!

    • mervfrench said

      Yeah bit different to here alright . i was just disappointed I missed out on a minus 12+ frost, they are spectacular. It was minus 12 the morning on the day we arrived and minus 13 the morning after we left, bit like fishing eh !!

  4. muzz said

    This shot has a really classic Christmas feel to it. I’m a little distracted by the triangle of sky top right but otherwise I’m hoping to get a copy of it in the mail from you as a card mid-December. Just goes to show a good eye beats a good camera every time.

    You might have to pack your Santa suit on your next winter trip.

  5. You still alive there Muzz!!!:)

    thought you must’ve found the edge and fallen off!

  6. Lloyd said

    This is a fantastic shot Merv, very aesthetically pleasing and atmospheric.


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