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Mission Accomplished Mark !!!

Posted by mervfrench on July 16, 2010

Hello All.

I have just returned from NZ again as I had to go back for a funeral, second trip there in 3 months.

While I was there Mark set me a mission. I had to get a pic of a Ski Bunnie  outside the Cardrona Hotel.  Not to be outdone, off I went when time permitted and managed to get the shot. Ok , she does work at the hotel , but she does ski so thats good enough for me.  While there I couldn’t resist one of the great burgers on offer not to mention a cold local brew. ( Muzz,what else could I do ? )

Best burger and hand cut chips I’ve had in quite a while, and the  Speights  brew wasn’t too bad either.  Even though the outside temp was only  6 deg. it wasn’t really that cold as there was no wind.

Now my mind is running and sometime , somewhere , somehow, I’ll set Mark a mission in return.

6 Responses to “Mission Accomplished Mark !!!”

  1. peta said

    burger looks good, and weather perfect….cant wait for the next installment to see what you set as a challenge.

  2. nice looking chups there Merv

  3. True North Mark said

    Well done there Merv…I knew i could count on you mate!

    Looking fwd to my mission!

    I am up to it son!

  4. muzz said

    This effort’s a bit soft mate – with your Photoshop skills I’d have thought you could have coughed up an image of Marilyn Monroe standing there and made it look believable….. Now if you’re opening your blog up to photographic challenges, you are playing with fire! 🙂

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