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Cardrona Hotel. NZ

Posted by mervfrench on June 29, 2010

Looks can be deceiving.  This is the Cardrona Hotel on the road between Queenstown and Wanaka in NZ’s South Island.  Inside this hotel is a great restored old pub with huge open fires and a terrific meals.  Out the back there are motel rooms and a very large outdoor entertainment area. This place is famous as being featured in local beer commercials and is a favorite place particularly during ski season.

I’ve played around with this shot a bit and decided to put it up as is but it really is a work in progress as I’m sure I can get a better look from it.

A B&W could be on the cards. ( can’t believe I said that ! )  🙂

This is version 2 with a little desat as suggested , which do you prefer?


20 Responses to “Cardrona Hotel. NZ”

  1. Hi Merv…I kinda like this as it is, it reminds me of that colour old colour photos go when acid from the album starts to taint the image….maybe just desaturate a touch?

  2. It looks good, Merv, the treatment is nice and the old car an asset to the composition. The day I was there it was pouring rain, miserable and windy, and I looked at the pub and thought ‘waht is all the fuss about’. So I didn’t go in. Obviously, I should have.

  3. hodgy1 said

    I like the top one, Did you use colour efex?

  4. davidsobik said

    I’m with Hodgy, the top one for sure Merv. Thats the best thing about NZ, all these types of pubs and just cottages on the road with fires and great food.

    Cheers mate

  5. True North Mark said

    Ah yes, I have had many a Glue wine and hot stew after a big days skiing here Mervy…great food..great pub!

    Like the treatment of this one…perhaps just lighten up the bike a tad as it is a little dark on my monitor…but like it a lot.

    It is like the Tardis in there eh! You go in and wow…where did all this room come from!

  6. mervfrench said

    Yeah just the place in winter , in front of those fires, with the ski bunnies wandering around !!!

    I was going to lighten the bike actually , but its a bit of a modern one, so decided to leave it dark and partly hide it. On the day i tried to shift it but it was chained to the post.

    • MatthewSaul said

      Cool shot Merv, i like the top one better. I’m with you on keeping the bike dark to hide it as its modern. Pity it was tied to the post ay, I would have tried to move it too haha

  7. True North Mark said

    I think still lighten the bike…even though it is modern, it has the straight handle bars which is sort of oldish!

    If you are going to try black and white try the one with the yellow tint to it in NIK’s that I used in the moon shots at Bibra Lake…that might work

  8. This is one of the places we looked at for our wedding, it’s certainly got character!

  9. I’m liking the top one Merv after the treatment.

  10. Fletch said

    love it, just watch the loss of detail in the blacks, top for me mate.

  11. Nice image Merv, I’m with Christian, needs a little more in the blacks i reckon!

  12. Yep beautiful mate.

  13. muzz said

    I like the top one myself. Good work on managing to find another photo opportunity close to a pub – another one for the book?

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