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Queenstown , looking back the other way.

Posted by mervfrench on June 13, 2010

A shot looking back to where I took the other image below which was shot from in front of the orange landmarks. the main Cafe area is to the left of this image.

7 Responses to “Queenstown , looking back the other way.”

  1. davidsobik said

    Like this one more Merv, great clouds and the boat adds to it. Good job, again!

  2. truenorthmark said

    I think I still prefer the other Queenstown perspective Merv, but this one is cool as well!

  3. muzz said

    Great detail and beautiful light in the trees. The clouds in this shot held up much better. Both shots are really eye-catching and attractive so I’m not sure if I have a favourite. I think you have a bit of sensor cleaning to do though.

    Looks like you’re starting to peak – can you hold out until next year’s APPAs?? 🙂

    • mervfrench said

      I meant to take out those couple of bits of grass up the top …….. but then again they could be birds !!!

      The clouds are a bit better in this one. The longer exposure time on the other one did sort of throw them out a bit . I will play with other one a bit more if I decide to print it.

      I’ve had a look at this years APPA winners and once again they don’t float my boat !!!!

      • muzz said

        I know what you mean. I always like Darren Jew’s stuff though – they look like photos! Only photography prize I could win would be a NAPA 😉

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