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Lake Wakatipu Queenstown NZ

Posted by mervfrench on June 11, 2010

Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown NZ  is 80 kms long and 291 sq km’s in size making it the third largest lake in NZ and I think it’s the coldest as well because its fed with snow and  it’s freezing.   This was taken at approx 9pm down on the foreshore in front of the shopping area of town.  Queenstown and the surrounding area is a fantastic place to explore for a few days,it’s a photo paradise.

You really need to enlarge this one and check out the detail,  at 100% it’s pretty damn good.   I know it’s not a CFP65 from TD but it’s not bad just the same.

It’s a 8 image stitch.

19 Responses to “Lake Wakatipu Queenstown NZ”

  1. wayte27 said

    Hey Merv hows those clouds, awesome, the detail in the coral sand is super sharp also. Great perspective cheers Adrian

  2. Absolute cracker mate!

    Your best yet I reckon!

  3. hodgy1 said

    I’m not into cold places at the moment so I’m not going there. I see what you mean about the detail, which lens ?

    • mervfrench said

      24 -70., unfortunatly it doesn’t show up as good with a jpeg on here,

      You’ll need to chill out by the time you get back !!! 🙂

      Shouldn’t you be out chasing crocodiles or something ???

      • hodgy1 said

        Rest day today, nDon’t need to see any more crocs for a while. All croc’d out. Shouldn’t you be out flogging houses ?

  4. mervfrench said

    Big day today, off to the Mike Fletcher’s “Loving Manscape” day, well that’s what muzz reckon’s it’s called …. I hope not or I’m outta there !!!!

  5. davidsobik said

    Wow Merv very good, your going to have to work hard to top this one!

  6. truenorthmark said

    Hi Merv,

    One more look at this and I think you could lighten the right hand darker side just a tad as it is almost black on my screen.



  7. muzz said

    A real eye-catching pano for the wall for sure – love it. The foreground detail is awesome all the way through. It’s a pity the clouds have fallen apart around their margins (esp right of centre) but the TNFP filter should sort them out.

  8. Nice one Merv. The mountains and clouds on the lhs look so dramatic! Can we go to NZ for a couple of nights instead of the goldfields? he he

  9. I like the composition and wide view Merv, I just find the clouds and water to be a bit funky. Have you applied some type of blur to the clouds or is that a result of some hdr work? Just doesn’t look quiet right. I just find my eye is drawn to the sky. The land and buildings however are spot on. Real crisp and punchy.

    • mervfrench said

      thanks Luke . I think the clouds suffered from the longer exposure in this one, they were racing thru at that stage , I haven’t added any blur. I would probably spend a little time on them if this gets to print.

  10. This is an awesome shot Merv I love it!
    Do you mind telling me what lens ans settings you used – and what software do you use for stitching your images together?

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