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Boulders in B&W

Posted by mervfrench on June 2, 2010

Not sure I’m wrapped in it but here it is anyway , so many ways to do this, more than a thousand I’d say !!!    🙂

What do you think ??

19 Responses to “Boulders in B&W”

  1. Merv I love it just has a feely sort of look about it hey good work :).

  2. davidsobik said

    What do I think….maaate I think its very cool!

  3. I think it’s way too stylish Merv, can’t possibly be you who shot this 😛
    I bloody love it!! do wonder if it’d be even stronger cropped at the horizon, the sky doesn’t really add anything for me. those boulders, the light bouncing off them, love it! 🙂

  4. muzz said

    That is a cracker Merv – I really like it. It’s very different to anything I’ve seen of yours and grabbed me right out of the box. I like the fact that this version has the rest of New Zealand cropped out of it too.

    The more I look at it the more I like it though a little recovery on the right boulder could be beneficial. Now I want more! It would probably look stunning on an iPad you know 😉

  5. Excellent work here Merv, out of this world look.

  6. hodgy1 said

    B & W is the go, I reckon it will start to grow on you and before to long every thing you edit will be mono.
    Print this as well.
    Hey took the van over the Roper Bar as well with about 400mm of water flowing. Got a few looks hehe.

  7. Love this! The highlight on the right boulder may need to be recovered a bit but the overall effect is stunning. See….I haven’t been abducted by aliens and have even updated my blog iwith a post dedicated to you 🙂

  8. Kinda spooky Merv but I do like it. Your style is changing mate!

  9. Donelle said

    I like it, very artsy!!!! lol (you know what I mean!)

  10. mervfrench said

    Thanks everyone for your comments very encouraging , I’m not really into BW so wasn’t sure what the BW lovers would think.

    Maybe I should try some more of this BW stuff i may even get to like it. 🙂

    Cheers all.

  11. christian said

    A bit grey needs contrast in the sky, a few dodge and burn issues on the rocks, I like the idea though.

  12. Very cool Merv, love it, quite surreal.

  13. Nice Merv. I quite like it, well done mate.

  14. truenorthmark said

    I like it mate…quite different eh!

  15. Tony Middleton said

    very impressive ! Metallic almost molten metal looking boulders Merv – awesome !

  16. Me marbles, I lost me marbles 🙂 This is really special, great surreal otherworldly quality to it. Nice and moody, very good.

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