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Moeraki Boulders NZ

Posted by mervfrench on June 1, 2010

These are the much photographed Moeraki Boulders  north of Dunedin on the east coast of NZ.  These are photographed as much as Sugar Loaf rock is photographed here in W.A.  I was expecting a bit  more of these as there are shots of them in all the books and on all the postcards but alas they were a little disappointing I thought , but unique just the same.

I was expecting them to be a little larger than they were but the largest of them are no more than shoulder height and I thought there would be more of them but they are just a small group on about 50 metres of beach  with a few more out of  frame here.   This was in the shot middle of the day with the 10 stop on and its a 4 image  pano.  Trying to get a shot without a person in it was rather hard as a tourist bus arrived the same time as we did so it was a waiting game. I was told that at different times of the year , depending on the season, the sand is washed away and they are more exposed.  The halo on the middle rock is not a halo as such but the sun shining on the wet side of the rock.


16 Responses to “Moeraki Boulders NZ”

  1. Nice shot Merv, shame your weren’t there for a sunset / dusk shot…..

  2. A nice shot, Merv. I had a grey and wet day when I visited, but I found them fascinating. I’ve posted a few pics on my blog. I did expect them to stick out of the sand more but I guess like all this type of thing it varies.

  3. Tony Middleton said

    hey Merv, cool water movement around the hard smooth boulders, did you think about it in BW ?
    cheers, 🙂

  4. davidsobik said

    Yeah I thought the same when I saw them. That can’t be them I am sure I muttered! Still heaps of tourists, gift shop and all that. I think I took more photos of the deer behind the car park!

    That said nice image, cracks on the rocks look great, like eggs about to hatch some wild animal.

  5. wayte27 said

    Hey Merv the detail in the rock surface is great. I actually think it looks a little War of the Worlds like. Have you thought of cropping out the head land and having just the water moevement and the boulders as the image.
    I really like it, cool shot, never seen them or knew of them !Cheers Adrian

    • mervfrench said

      I’ve got shots from different angles so i’ll put one of those up next time.

    • mervfrench said

      They might be in Andris Apse’s book.

      • wayte27 said

        Hey Merv, ive got his book/album, just had a look, nothing in there mate, you should send him your image
        I emailed him after I got his book from my parents who went to NZ for a month, he checked out my wordpress and he emailed me on my images so send him an email you never never know.

    • mervfrench said

      Yeah , i might just do that. i bought one of his books as well , he has a few. I ‘ve got the rural NZ book. I bought David Hugh Evans ( South Oz photographer ) NZ book as well.

  6. This looks great, maybe a touch flat but it has atmosphere. That U beaut filter has worked a treat I reckon.

  7. truenorthmark said

    Nicely done Merv..the water movement is really cool and that horizon is oh so straight!

    Bo won’t be able to ping you on this one!

  8. There they are…glad you found them. We dropped these out of our spaceship years and years ago. We lost our marbles but you found them, we’ll be around to collect soon!

    The moody bw is better, the background here takes me out of that surreal feeling and I might crop it a bit tighter too.

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