mervfrench PHOTOGRAPHY


Yellow on Blue.

Posted by mervfrench on May 29, 2010

Yeah I know it’s bright , but you have to say, it does stand out.


11 Responses to “Yellow on Blue.”

  1. truenorthmark said

    Yep that works Merv!

    Nice and colourful for sure!

  2. Great, really like the colours, just piss the leaves off and that would make it better!

  3. even better I meant to write

  4. Bloodly hell it’s bright alright!!
    You should see it on Kim’s iMac.
    Bright is an understatement!
    Cheers mate

  5. davidsobik said

    Very cool Merv! Yes punchy on the ‘ol iMac!!

  6. Nice mate. I was out at Northam today. Will be heading out next on July 13th.

  7. Tony Middleton said

    It works IMO Merv, I’d crop or clone the trees on either side out and it would be a cracker !

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