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The Moon and Venus

Posted by mervfrench on May 17, 2010

I shot this last night  as we went out for a drive around to see what was going on around the place,  I didn’t take a tripod with me so I had to balance the camera on the roo bar of the ute to get the shot.

What  attracted me to the shot was the simplicity of it all , a tank on the hill on the RHS , a tree on the LHS , nice cloud and colour in the sky  and the  “STARS OF THE SHOW ” ( like that , he he he )  the Moon and Venus.

This was a single shot with the  24-70 at 24 , a 3s exp off the roo bar and it was the best of about 4 shots. I would have liked to have the 70-200 and my tripod I could have shot a few different compositions of this.

30 Responses to “The Moon and Venus”

  1. Sweet one Merv, looks great. Your exposure was spot on.

    • mervfrench said

      Cheers Matt. You have anything from Karijini ?

      • Yeah, heaps, I’ve been slack, doing a lot of pre-processing, stay tuned! I’d like to know what you think.

      • mervfrench said

        Are you really sure you can take my comments CF shakes when he see’s my comments coming on his blog. 🙂

      • Damn right, can’t learn what works if it’s all ‘Pat’s on the back’! An ‘honest no s##t assessment’ (constructive) is what I like, are you worse than Mr Eastway? I need to beat you and the Stack at the next York Photographic Awards! Besides, I may be doing some shoots out your way soon, might need some ideas on locations…

  2. Nice. Great to see something different in blogland!

  3. wayte27 said

    Onto a winner Mr Merv man, love the composition and those colours, mate awesome
    Cheers Adrian

  4. davidsobik said

    Yes what David said!

  5. Simplicity works! Here it works very well, really like this. Lots of space in the image which is important, great colours and subject.

  6. This is my sort of shot Merv. Good stuff.

  7. peta said

    Nice one merv, simple lines and color always a winner…yep a swag and a billy tea…

  8. Great colour Merv.

  9. truenorthmark said

    Ripper dude!

    Love the moon ad the bright star really makes the shot I reckon!

  10. muzz said

    This is a simple but beautiful shot – it has wheatbelt written all over it. I like the blending of the frame with the silhouetted land at the bottom but I think I’d like to see an edge top right (maybe it’s my screen calibration). If only there was a sheep or two ….. Damn fine effort resting on a roo bar at 3 sec!

  11. muzz said

    Actually I think this image with black surrounds would make a good cover for your first book … seriously.

  12. Matt saul said

    Love it! I like how smooth the curve of the land is betweeen the tree and the hill. Very nice

  13. Excellent image Merv. Love it!

  14. Donelle said

    Love this Merv, the colours are awesome!

  15. muzz said

    Any chance of getting my hands on a copy of your first book Merv?

  16. antonioranieri said

    Hey Merv love the colours nice shot

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