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Nature’s dry dock

Posted by mervfrench on May 16, 2010

File this under ” the things you see” category.   Snapped this in Townsville and thought it was a rather unique way to clean the hull of your boat.

7 Responses to “Nature’s dry dock”

  1. muzz said

    Not sure if that is a “bugger” moment or pure genius. Watch out though, FBJ will be passing by with his spirit level ……

    • mervfrench said

      Genius using the tide to maximum advantage I’d say.

      As it’s in the ” things you see ” category the horizon doesn’t matter in my book. 😉

  2. muzz said

    PS I like this colour scheme better.

  3. truenorthmark said

    We just had to do this exact thing with True North as Austal did not fit the locking screws in the prop well enough and the Prop fell off a couple of weeks ago!

    We waited for the appropriate tide and beached it on the twin keels and then swapped the prop with our spare one…pretty cool eh!

  4. truenorthmark said

    I will ask the boat if they have any!

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