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The Tower

Posted by mervfrench on May 15, 2010

This water tower is a real landmark it the city of Invercargill NZ . Taken as a drive by shooting as it was a wet sort of a day.  I’m sure there is a lot of different ways to process something like this and this is one of the batch that I came up with.

I’m wondering if the rainbow should go or should it stay?


19 Responses to “The Tower”

  1. truenorthmark said

    NIce work Merv…I like the processing and I think the Rainbow works…sweet mate!

  2. wayte27 said

    yep I agree merv leave it in. There is a real CF technique going on here, similar to his cityscapes,
    great work

  3. hodgy1 said

    I”m not sure whats happened here, One minute you can’t edit properly and then you come up with something like this??? Stunning stuff. Very arty.
    I Like the rainbow but I think it would look great without it as well.

  4. davidsobik said

    Yep real nice Merv!

  5. Oh come on Merv stop asking silly questions. Of course the rainbow should stay! It’s awesome mate.
    Maybe the rumour is true that you do in fact process CF’s images…


    • mervfrench said

      ….. and I’ve started doing Tom Putts work as well , but don’t tell anyone. !!!

      Cheers Dave.

  6. Hi Merv, nice one, I like it, looks like it could be from a book cover or similar.

  7. Nicely done Merv,keep the rainbow!

  8. peta said

    Hi Merv,
    Yep the rainbow works for me also, I think it adds to it, very surreal. (Was it really there???)

  9. Keep the rainbow! Looks awesome mate, now I know why Putties work is look so good. Can you do a few for me?

  10. Nice work Merv,
    Cool processing too.

  11. Donelle said

    I think this pic would work without the rainbow, but I love the contrast of the rainbow with the dark sky!!

  12. Luke Austin said

    Very different to your usual images Merv. Real gritty look to it. I like it a lot. I think the rainbow needs to stay otherwise there were be too much negative space. It’s a unique image

  13. Awesome image indeed Merv maybe worth an award somewhere hey :D.

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