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Testing the little ripper.

Posted by mervfrench on May 4, 2010

I recently bought a Canon S90 compact for happy snaps. Nothing worse than lugging a DSLR around when you know your just getting a few family holiday snaps.

It has loads of features, 10mp  shoots RAW and fits in your shirt pocket , a little ripper.

See what these guys have to say about it here .

Anyway here’s a happy snap taken with it . 3 shots,  hand held at 6mm ( 28equiv. ) ,  f3.5,   ISO 125 ,   1/60th sec,   and stitched in PTGUI.

We went down for a beer at the marina in Pt. Douglas  Qld. and I snapped this on the way out. Not too bad all thing’s considered.

10 Responses to “Testing the little ripper.”

  1. truenorthmark said

    Little tacker has some balls eh Merv! Sweet shot mate!

  2. I bought the same little ripper in Thailand to have a compact for happy snaps and I reckon it’s a great camera! Really good compact, had a lot of fun with it shooting happy snaps of me and friends – something I would normally never do as I would not be carrying my SLR and so get no photos. Great little camera, could do with HD video though.

  3. muzz said

    Gotta be happy with that – I like the image too. Yet another photo taken near a pub hehe.

  4. Looks pretty good! I have a P&S Panasonic Lumix FZ35, I chose it for the beautiful Leica lens and the fact that it had a real viewfinder. It takes great pics (in RAW0 but unfortunately the viewfinder looks as though it is made from the bottom of a coke bottle!

  5. Awesome image from a compact!

  6. Really good. I wouldn’t have guessed it was taken using a happy snappy. Nice shot Merv.

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