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Power Mover

Posted by mervfrench on May 4, 2010

The wheels on a great little steam train that we saw on the side of the road at a pub ,  of  all places , in New Zealand. Looked like it’s working train and they were building a line for as a tourist thing no doubt. Gotta love steam train’s , they are a living breathing thing.

I’d like your feedback on the new blog theme. I think I like it but it doesn’t have some of the features that others have .  The thing I like is the large image size upload is enough to save opening the image  to view it which saves time , and saving time is always a good thing.

Now its up the frame looks crap, I’ll fix it later.

11 Responses to “Power Mover”

  1. truenorthmark said

    Cool shot Merv….I reckon that is so you eh!

    • mervfrench said

      what … a great lumbering thing full of hot air ???? 🙂

      So many ways to process this … I’d love to give it to CF, to see what he come up with.

  2. I likes my steam engines, I spent my formative years where steam ruled supreme (South Africa, late 70’s). I’d highlight the hub of the wheel and especially the connection rod. Shaft of light, don’t know how but free to fill me in if it work’s out!

    Cheers, Merv.

  3. truenorthmark said

    No…the farmer type Merv that just loves things that go clunk!!!

  4. muzz said

    I like the DOF and the tones in this shot and the way it paints an unseen image of the rest of the engine.

    It’s amazing how often you find things to photograph near pubs. I’m interested as to what comes first – seeing the shot and then stopping at the pub, or being at the pub and then finding something to shoot.

    Sorry, not a big fan of the blog theme at the moment. I find it easier on the eye to view light type against a darker background. I liked the ChaoticSoul theme even though it was ubiquitous – the author said it is the WordPress theme that is used the most by porn blog sites (wouldn’t know 😉 ). Maybe it’s the Sydney Swans, maybe it’s a bit feminine – not sure but somehow it doesn’t feel like you!

    • mervfrench said

      The jurys still out on the new blog. I prefer the white on black myself but thought it might be time for a change. Tried a few of the others but kept coming back to this. There are a few theme colours to use on this might try some and see how they go. i’m not yet convinced myself. I do miss not having a header image.

  5. It’s a very nice shot. Whereabouts did you see this, Merv? I am off tomorrow and being a bit of a steam train tragic . . .

    I like the large photo size for the photos but personally prefer a black background for my blog.

  6. davidsobik said

    I really like it Mervie, love the new blog layout as well, nice and bright and big!

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