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New Zealand ….. land of the square tree !!!!

Posted by mervfrench on May 3, 2010

Everywhere you look in New Zealand they are growing the unique square tree.    Widely grown on farmlands they have been bred to exacting shapes  and are mostly used as wind breaks to protect sheep ( why wouldn’t you want to protect the gorgeous young things   🙂   )  and sometimes can be seen  as  a statement at the entrance to a property .

Ahhh the Kiwi’s … always thinking.

5 Responses to “New Zealand ….. land of the square tree !!!!”

  1. “You’re an ideas man Steve!” – now that is bloody brilliant, smart thinkers them Kiwi’s! Must go and see for myself one day, sheep, square trees, hobbits, they got it all!

  2. Tasmania has a lot of these trees too, but they are a bit more imaginative at times.
    Must be something to do with all that clean air down there!

  3. Or all the mushrooms that grew in those regions as well. Good observation Merv.

  4. davidsobik said

    Yeah those hedges are cool alright! The one by the mail box is all sad and lonely!

    Makes me want to go back soon!

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