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See ya soon……

Posted by mervfrench on March 19, 2010

….off to NZ for a while.

Might be able to post something from there , not taking a laptop so I’ll just have to see how computer access goes.

C Ya  later.

12 Responses to “See ya soon……”

  1. truenorthmark said

    How longs a little while Mervy…I am gonna miss you mate!

    What will I do without my number 1 critic? 🙂

    Have fun over there now won’t you!

  2. muzz said

    Grab an iPad duty free on the way out – that’ll do it! Give my love to Baabaara and Ewenice.

    I think you’ll be doing some serious stitching in the Land of the Long White Cloud. Have a good and safe one mate.

  3. wayte27 said

    see ya Merv Man,
    I will have an ipad for xmas thanks for asking ; )

  4. Have fun Merv…travel safe!!

  5. davidsobik said

    Enjoy your trip Merv! Gives me a chance to get a few blog hits to catch up hehehe

  6. Donelle said

    Enjoy your trip Merv!! I hope you have a great time!

  7. Have a great trip Merv, magnificent part of the world

  8. Hey Merv,

    Sounds awesome. Hope you get some great shots.


  9. Sandy said

    Have a great time….can’t wait to see the pics on your return.

  10. Luke Austin said

    All the best Mervman, i’m sure you will come back with some beauties!

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