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Every Picture Tells a Story …. ( Rod Stewart 1971 )

Posted by mervfrench on March 1, 2010

A classic album released before probably most of you were born ( 1971). Anyway it has nothing to do with this image.

I was browsing thru a hard drive of old shots and this grabbed my eye . Taken a few years ago on a trip to Cape York  this is on  highway 1 , yes highway  number 1, in the gulf country between Booraloola and Mataranka somewhere near Hells Gate roadhouse in the NT.

And the sign is dead right it was exactly that !!!!!


10 Responses to “Every Picture Tells a Story …. ( Rod Stewart 1971 )”

  1. truenorthmark said

    Very funny Merv!

    I was around then mate…so I am of your vintage as well!

  2. mervfrench said

    Arrrh .. the good old days, but then there’s always tomorrow to look forward too.

    You’ve been a bit quite Mark.

    On another note, guy i know, Greg Quick has just departed on TN for a bit of an astronomy gig.

  3. truenorthmark said

    Yes indeed he is on TN for the West Coast Explorer. Mike Fletcher is also onboard.

    I was in Brisbane last week for a couple of days and at Rotto over the weekend and without internet access.

    Not many photo opportunities at Rotto this weekend due to strong Easterleys exept for last night which I have posted.



  4. davidsobik said

    Classic, yes I was 3!

  5. Christian said

    Rod Stewart sucked, sorry he gets a nup from me. Funny sign, very Aussie!!

  6. Donelle said

    Funny sign Merv, I was but a twinkle in my old mans eye in 71!! Im a 78 vintage!! Yet still old enough to know about Rod Stewart!! My Mum was a fan!! lol

  7. muzz said

    Good outback sense of humour there. Can see you groovin’ to Rod at the town hall dance wearing corduroy flares back in ’71 🙂

  8. ecomuseimages said

    That bl00dy road cost me 5 awning poles…they fell out of their tube under the camper, rattled free thanks to a few billion corrugations.

    Hopefully I will be back that way in May for a gig.

  9. Tony Middleton said

    LOL – classic Merv ! They should be making truckloads of those ! 🙂

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