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Two Questions Here……

Posted by mervfrench on February 28, 2010

No 1:   Does anybody know where this is shot, there are a couple of guys on here that should know .

No 2 :  This is for the tech heads. With a shot like this which has a lot of straight edges and you see this with wires as well , how can you stop  those jagged rough edges. I’ve tried sharpening , less sharpening and no sharpening at all and it’s always the same. I suspect its a resizing thing but not sure if there’s a fix to the problem .  Any suggestions?


21 Responses to “Two Questions Here……”

  1. It aint Worsley that’s for sure, there hasn’t been that much poduction going on up there!! 🙂

  2. muzz said

    Is that your new Northam gallery?? Those jagged edges are because you’re using Chinese steel mate – don’t get that with good Aussie stuff.

  3. davidsobik said

    New Entertainment centre in Albnay!

  4. davidsobik said

    God be good if could spell, Albany!

  5. Christian said

    New entertainment centre in Albany ?? Haha ok I cheated. I think the jaggies are a result of using cheap arse canon lenses. Have you looked at competing brands. Don’t know the real answer but I know who will. Send an email to nick rains. I suspect it is a resolution thing. Have you printed it out yet??

  6. Paul Jarvis said

    my guess is they don’t appear near as much when the full image is viewed at 100%???
    Something to do with the anti aliasing?
    Low pass filter effects and raw processing… have you tried either messing around with the Raw converter or try a different one??

    • mervfrench said

      It doesn’t appear at 100% in PS only at fit screen,and not at all in ACR at any %.

      Haven’t printed any of these so not sure about that.

      It’s just something that shows up often where there’s straight rigid lines, maybe its nothing to worry about, it may be just a web thing.

      Strange but true.

  7. hodgy1 said

    Yeah, seen it before. I’m fairly sure it’s Canon thing. Hope this helps.

  8. Nick Rains said

    This sounds like a display antialias problem to me – LCDs are particularly poor in this respect. Especially if it doesn’t show up at 100%, only at Fit Screen. The only way to remove it is to add some very subtle noise and see if it helps – sharpening will only make it worse. Also, try making it a slightly different size, there’s a bit of moire going on too.

  9. mervfrench said

    Thanks for the visit Nick.

    Interesting , i’ll look into it further , or i won’t take shots of wire or steel !!!! 🙂

  10. Paul Jarvis said

    You’re using cs3 right? Cs4 I the first Photoshop that renders properly at all magnifications. Cs3 only renders properly at 33, 66 and 100%

  11. mervfrench said

    Yep CS3 , you may be onto something.

    Thanks Paul.

  12. Christian said

    cs4 displays at all magnifications but they aren’t all sharp.

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