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In the Quokka in the Quokka ……..

Posted by mervfrench on February 24, 2010

……. no , not in the paper , in this real live quokka.   I shot this on Aussie day when we were wandering around the island , ok I was on the way to the pub.

There was a joey ( if that’s what they are called ) in the pouch wriggling around, you can see it’s legs ,  and I laid  on the ground for 5 minutes waiting for it to come out,  but it wouldn’t.  These little guys are remarkably friendly and she ( the mother and the star of this shot ) made no attempt to get away and wasn’t bothered by the whole thing.

This was my entry in the Rotto photo comp but alas it never made the cut.  ( would have picked up a swag of votes I reckon, I would have voted for it myself 50 times )     🙂

Taken with the Canon G9

29 Responses to “In the Quokka in the Quokka ……..”

  1. Dwayne Pipe said

    This is sooo good. My votes for #1!

  2. muzz said

    Mate it wouldn’t have stood a chance against my quokka shot. If I had a blog I’d post it and I bet if we ran a competition my quokka would beat yours hands down! And the story I heard was you had to have a little lay down anyway and it was just lucky there was a quokka there to give you an excuse.

  3. Nice shot Merv. Pin sharp with excellent definition. Best quokka shot to date… so muzz, when are you cranking up the blog?

  4. davidsobik said

    Yep too good Merv. I would have voted for it, but then Jamie would not talk to me, aarrgg!

  5. muzz said

    Pure quokka, unadulterated by warming, fancy framing, shot in the wild (not laying on the ground at the pub). Bring it on – 55 votes for this one!!

  6. What a cutie – love that bit poking out of the pouch (leg? Ear??). Well done.

  7. hodgy1 said

    OK , seen it , time for something really new.!!!

  8. Hey Merv,

    Extremely cute shot. Don’t actually think that I’ve seen a Quokka joey in the pouch before.


  9. Faye Kerr said

    Muzz’s is waaaay better! 🙂

  10. MatthewSaul said

    friendly little fellas!

  11. sandy1 said

    WOW that is a really cute shot , you should have entered it in the rotto Photo comp.

  12. Christian said

    is that a bit of noise creeping in Merv? Must be shooting a canon are ya??

  13. muzz said

    That wasn’t the real Christian – the real CF would’ve said how much better mine was. Must be a fake Christian.

  14. truenorthmark said

    Hi Mervy!

    I think I voted for it mate…but Christian and Ben didn’t….well that’s my story anyway!

    Nice shot mate!



  15. Christian said

    I voted for it I think but then when I saw Muzz’s Quokka and your’s got the chop. Muzz your pic was amazing, I can see why you don’t have a blog your too good for us guys.

  16. muzz said

    Now that was definitely the REAL Christian Fletcher 😉

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