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Another angle.

Posted by mervfrench on February 15, 2010

Another shot of the burnt out bush around Toodyay . The regrowth on the Black Boys clearly showing again.

11 Responses to “Another angle.”

  1. peterellery said

    Hey Merv, great colours in this pic. It’s pretty awesome to watch the bush regenerate after such an intense fire. Nice work.

  2. davidsobik said

    Yes I agree with peter. Looked cool wide screen on the ol iMac as well!

  3. mattinman said

    Really nice colours in this one, really rich, and it looks so cool on the iMac. I think the composition great. It would be good to see some follow up images once the trees recover and then when it all comes into flower. Most bush land flowers better after a fire, something to do with the ingredients in the smoke.

  4. hodgy1 said

    Great view in this pano, and yes contrasting colours really set it off.

  5. truenorthmark said

    Yep, likin this one as well buddy!

    The single shot looks like how the black boy next to our house looked after my daughter and her friends managed to burn the sauna down one night!

    Great colours in the pano as well. the green really jumps out in amongst the burned colours.

  6. wayte27 said

    Great image Merv, I cropped it to the left with the green re-growth in the left corner with the orange burnt landscape moving to the right, just a thought but despite the carnage what a shot, well down
    cheers Adrian

  7. mervfrench said

    Thanks guys.

    Adrian I’ve tried a couple of crops with this mainly to get the bland sky out of the picture but in the end left it as is.

    This come in at nearly a gig and the detail at 100% is unreal.

    I have several more shots around the area that have come up fairly well , this was the one that made it to the blog. The others are for a secret project. 😉

  8. Paul Jarvis said

    nice pic Merv!

  9. Christian said

    ok I’m here and I like what I see. you have been busy mate. Hey how come Adam Monk, and Ben K are above me on the pro list??? If you put a * in front of my name I will be on top. hehe

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