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Elephant Rocks.

Posted by mervfrench on February 11, 2010

Another little  secret location that not many have seen.  🙂

Just next to Greens Pool at William Bay is Elephant rocks on the south coast near Denmark . I’ve been to this spot a couple of times before but never with the camera gear I have now. This was shot in the middle of the day with the 10 stop Singh-Ray  Duo filter and is a 3 second exposure.

There were quite a few people around so it was hard to get a shot without kids running around , a bit frustrating for me but good fun for them.

There was  a bit more foreground in this shot but I had to crop it out as the small waves wouldn’t line up at all with a 3 sec exposure. I could probably make it work but I couldn’t be bothered taking the trouble to do it this time .

The south coast has a lot to offer photographers and I intend to get down there again as soon as I can.


17 Responses to “Elephant Rocks.”

  1. truenorthmark said

    Nice mate…sharp as a tack and colours are great as well!

  2. wayte27 said

    Classic postcard Merv. Mate your pumping them out at the moment. I need t get put for a shoot, its been a couple of weeks since my “Moon rocks” post. cant believe Ive been back to work for 2 weeks time is flying, christ I will be married soon.
    Let us know when you head south, might just leave work 🙂

  3. davidsobik said

    Hey Merv nice rocks, I rocked, hahahah, out there New Years Eve and shot some nice ones too. Yes lots of people. Next time you down call in and we can get out to a few spots.

    Also you inspired me to put a couple up from inside the church door you posted, so I am off to do just that, give me 30 mins!

    Cheers mate


    • mervfrench said

      Hey Dave, we were out there NYE , were you with the group on the rocks at Greens Pool at sunset playing music and generally having a good time ?

      • davidsobik said

        Nah, sounds like I should have been! Were you at Elephant rocks when the young dudes in the red shirt just would not get off them?

        Go my church one up now as well.

  4. muzz said

    That is a beauty – that 10 stop ND may have to be my next gadget. Hey and nice frame too.

  5. hodgy1 said

    The filter does it again, nice clean calender type pic.

  6. Nice work Merv, like this shot very much.

  7. Donelle said

    Nice shot Merv, I like it!!!

  8. adrian Wayte said

    Hey Merv can you provide me with the details of the 10 stop ND filter. Im off to Esperance next friday. Im hoping to get one or something similar before I go
    Cheers Adrian

  9. mervfrench said

    Adrian , mine is a Singh-Ray duo variable. That is it’s variable from 2 to 10 stops by turning the filter and it also has a built in polariser as well which can be set independently to the ND. Mine came from the states and they are a bit on the expensive side.

    Try Camera Electronics in Stirling St they have screw on 10 stops, i know a couple of the guys got there’s from there at reasonable price , nowhere near what i paid.

  10. Nice one Merv. Looks pin sharp and has those colours which sell a picture.

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