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The Cathedral Door or is it ?

Posted by mervfrench on February 10, 2010

The front door of the cathedral or is it  a church ( come on you guys from Albany , help me here.) in Yorke St Albany.

I’m not really into B&W stuff but I was playing with Nik Silver Efex  here to see if I could come up with anything.

Anyway I’ve been  pressured into posting something.  🙂

10 Responses to “The Cathedral Door or is it ?”

  1. truenorthmark said

    A different sort of look Merv!

    See what you can do with a bit of prompting!

  2. davidsobik said

    Mate it is the front door of St Johns church, lower York St. Shot plenty of weddings in there. They used to have a grouchy old Father but now a new young hip dude who is really quite cool.


  3. Hey Merv,

    Cool look. I love the way the trees frame the door.


  4. …has a real spooky feel, interesting effect around the edges. Have fun down there!

  5. Dylan Fox said

    i just used this same filter but with the dark vignette on a recent blog post! i love this software.
    nice shot btw 😛

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