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Greens Pool No 2.

Posted by mervfrench on February 5, 2010

Another angle of Greens Pool Denmark .

I think I like this one a bit better , I like the pastel colours on this one.

I really need to sort out  frames and borders in PS

21 Responses to “Greens Pool No 2.”

  1. truenorthmark said

    Sweet mate…very soothing shot!

  2. wayte27 said

    Hey Merv this is very nice indeed. I like them both very much. Great detail in the rock face in this one. Im not sure about actions in CS however frames, once created are really easy, I often create a frame for each and every image based upon the colour and feel of the image. Time consuming some may say however it does allow you to learn your way around CS quickly and use short cuts. Again great shot really well done particularly the composition.
    regards Adrian

  3. Shady white balance, a gradient, bit of saturation??
    Very very nice image Merv, I like it a lot.

  4. Beautiful shot Merv.

    Definately prefer this one to the previous, the light is so much nicer and I think the pano worksd better to.

  5. mervfrench said

    Cheers Dave.

    They are completely different shots of course , but this one is my choice.

    It was another two frames wider but it just didn’t quite work at that width.

  6. davidsobik said

    Another nice job Merv!


  7. Very nice Merv. Deserves being printed.

  8. hodgy1 said

    This one looks great, The filter effect works well.

  9. danproud said

    nice sharp image Merv.

  10. muzz said

    Beautiful image Merv – very restful. Deserves to be in a place where you can sit in a comfortable chair and have a quiet beer and look at it.

  11. truenorthmark said

    Hey Merv…just coz you have a crakcer here doesn’t mean you can rest on your lorrals son!!

    Come on next one please! 🙂

  12. Lloyd said

    Great image Merv, the subtle colours work very well.


  13. Merv beautiful simple elements image with beautiful colours and all :).

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