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Greens Pool Denmark

Posted by mervfrench on February 3, 2010

I went to Green Pool one night while we were away ,  with Pete Hodgson. We met up in Denmark on New Years Eve , left the women with a bottle of vino and went out to William Bay , said we wouldn’t be long and came back 3 hrs later. You know how it is, time just gets away.

I’m sure we are the only one’s who went there over the holidays and I don’t think this place has ever been photographed before …… yeah right.

I have quite a few different shots of the place and this is one of them. I used the 10 stop vari on this one.


15 Responses to “Greens Pool Denmark”

  1. truenorthmark said

    Nice and misty sort of shot Mervy!



  2. mattinman said

    Wonderful, sharp focus meets blury sea and sky, looks kinda sureal, a winner!

  3. Awesome composition and capture with those clouds, however just needs a little brightening. I will shoot a tiff through with my recommendations.

    Good art shot.


  4. davidsobik said

    A guy I work with lives 2ks up the road, visits most nights. Lucky bugger!

  5. wayte27 said

    Bravo merv great image. Yeah the water could be a little more luminous but that may take away from the attractive colours of the rocks. All the same i like it.
    Cheers Adrian

  6. wayte27 said

    … am I missing something 11 months ?
    feel free to call me retarded 😉

  7. wayte27 said

    Yeah fair call. Just finished a full week of work well almost, gotta get through tomorrow after 8 weeks off.

  8. Nice shot merv, great compsition. I need to get down that way for a look I think, we just flew past there at xmas time!

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