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Walpole …..

Posted by mervfrench on January 29, 2010

This shot was taken  from the town jetty at Walpole on a recent January evening . Walpole  is a great little town and we stayed in a nice  B&B  overlooking this inlet as a break from the camper .  When I woke the next morning at first light and looked out of the window there was a nice mist over the water and surrounding hills.

Did  I jump out and race off to get a great shot of the misting morning ….. no I pulled the doona up and went back to sleep.  Not too often where we live do we get the chance to pull up a doona in January and I wasn’t going to miss the chance.

37 Responses to “Walpole …..”

  1. mattinman said

    That gets an ‘A+’ in my book, that’s a seller, well done! I’d have got up got the shot and then gone straight back to bed. Get with the program!

  2. wayte27 said

    Nice Merv, I love this place, home town for me, my father was born and raised in Nornalup. I love this time of morning anywhere not just there, however cruising out across the inlet at this time of day heading for the ocean for a serious deep sea fishing trip is always a memorable one. Awesome clouds by the way.
    Do I get a xmas card now hehehe !

    • mervfrench said

      Hey Adrian , nice place to call home or almost home.

      Keep posting good comments till November and then I’ll see how you’re going.

      You missed a good day on Tue , but there’s always another time.

      Thanks for A+ Matt , I’ll get your address off you before Xmas !!

  3. truenorthmark said

    Nice one Mervy!

    Great to see the dedication coming through there son!



  4. muzz said

    Beautifully seen and captured Merv – you’re not just a pretty face! Did you go the shady WB on this one?

  5. Looks great Merv. Excellent work.

  6. davidsobik said

    That is nice Merv! Good job for sure.


  7. hodgy1 said

    Plenty of atmosphere in this pic, Not bad for a photojournalist.

  8. Donelle said

    Ahhhh Walpole, my hubbys grandparents live there!!! I love visiting there in summer, winter is another story!! Wayyyyy to cold for this little black duck!! Oh and yet another great photo Merv!! Keep em coming! lol

  9. dont know anyone there and havnt been there lol Nice Shot Merv! one of my favs of yours.

  10. katieleigh said

    so smooth, really like this shot merv

  11. Yes, yes and yes. Very nice Merv.

  12. Antonio said

    Nice shot Merv love the mood!!

  13. Nice one Merv. I was born in Albany and just about every Christmas holidays we went to Walpole. Does that make me a local too?

  14. Hi Merv, great shot mate, this is one of my favs of yours so far… I have some friends who have just taken over one of the caravan parks in Walpole so I think a trip south may be on the cards for me too at some point soon.

  15. mervfrench said

    Thanks Mark , nice to hear from you.

    Which park have they taken over ?

  16. Ric said

    This is your finiest image Merv!

  17. I’m from about 4000kms away Merv so guess not local but I have been there, long time ago as a whipper snapper. This image is very striking and I like it a lot….well done mate.

  18. very nice shot Merv! 🙂
    even with that great big fold down the middle of it 😛

  19. mattinman said

    Awesome video Merv (see CF’s Blog), just awesome, A+++!

  20. Very nice image Merv!

  21. Nice dark theme and colours Merv,
    The glassy water is awesome, just a bugger it doesn’t stitch well.
    But could be easily tidied up.


  22. nice hues of blues 🙂

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