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Oz Day on True North…. my view

Posted by mervfrench on January 27, 2010

As everyone there on the day already knows and for those of you not there on the day , it all went off well.  If you were there and didn’t enjoy it then you wouldn’t be happy in heaven.

Here’s a couple of happy snaps from the day. I’m sure we will be inundated with similar shots.

These are all taken with the G9

Mark Stothard kicked off the day with fishing stories from the Kimberleys. Apparently  this was the size of the last Barra he caught up there ,   most people started to doze off.

Christian then gave a demo on how to wave to your adoring public when you become a famous photographer , watched by Mark , Mike Fletcher and Tony Hewitt . For those of us still awake after the fishing story  it was very enlightening.

Tony Hewitt  woke the crowd from their  slumber and kept everyone interested in his presentation , great job Tony.

Mike Fletcher  at work getting footage of Glen Cowan’s  presentation on underwater photography. Glen filled the room with guys when someone said it was underwear photography . This was a crowd favourite . ( Glen not Mike )

Three of the fabulous crew on board TN . They looked after our every need and whim , although keeping up with Muzz’s whims and needs was a job and then some.

The very charismatic Nick Rains held the audience in the palm of his hand with his demonstration of the mating dance of the PNG Cassowary  .

Christian Fletcher  pressuring a non believer in the audience into believing that luminosity masks ARE really good things.  What’s more important here , is the  flash bounce that I achieved from Craig Chiswells  bare nut was almost perfect for the size of the room. Sometimes you just get lucky.

Heading for Rotto on a TN tender with another of the great crew , sure not quite as good  looking as the girls but a great guy none the less.

Probably the star of the day  the one and only  TRUE NORTH.


34 Responses to “Oz Day on True North…. my view”

  1. It was a great day Merv. I really enjoyed the speakers, and wow, what a boat!

  2. Trust you to put a good spin on it…Chizza will love you!!
    Well done.

  3. Great pics Merv, glad to see with all the camera’s around someone managed to get some casual shots 😀

  4. great subject matter Merv, me I mean not the boat!

  5. Craig Chiswell said

    Merv, i’m sure I can see a reflection of you in the flash bounce on the back of my scone. I was too busy taking notes, getting every word down from Fletch, to notice you shooting there mate. Watch out I will have luminocity, ….lumicsosity…..luminosity down pat quicker than those oysters were going down on True North!!!
    Nice shots by the way, sweet commentary. haha

  6. davidsobik said

    Great day Merv. Fantastic to have met you, love these images!

    Cheers mate


  7. muzz said

    Nice sshots Merv – you shood go perfeshenal! 😉

    Hey and well done for getting a photo of Mike without a drink in his hand but only half marks because he’s holding a camera. Anyone get a shot of him without either a drink or a camera?

    Hey I thought they called you “Deep Throat” because of the secrets you revealed, but I see now it is because of how many Coronas you can swallow – or is it about how far down you can bring it back up from.

  8. great snaps Merv, ever thought of going into photo-journalism? 🙂

  9. Hey Merv, have you sen Chiz in his younger years? There was definitely something neanderthal going on, with all the hair he had all over his head!!

    • mervfrench said

      Funny thing is I imagined him to have long hair.
      I think I saw him at the shop a few years ago.

      Anyone who has Amorous Avocardo’s , Luscious limes , Lusty Lemons and a rustic fruit and veg shop had to have a bit of Nimbin in him. 🙂

      By the way that shop near Capel is fantastic Craig.

  10. truenorthmark said

    A good summary of the day I reckon Merv..nicely done!

  11. Not a bad snapshot Merv. You would have achieved greatness if you stayed away from the pub!
    Very funny mate!


  12. Some fantastic shots Merv. Well done on capturing the atmosphere of the day

  13. nice work Merv! 🙂

  14. SimonB said

    Merv great story behind (or some in front of) the scenes – well done.

  15. Mike Fletcher said

    I’m getting a bad rap here. I’m not an alcoholic I just like drinking!!!!!

    Anyway I had a bit of trouble Merv getting to my favorite spot on the bar because your sorry ass was hogging it.

    Noice shots mate and good to see you again.

    By the way what happened to the other shots you took of Abbey, Leah and Georgia?????

    • mervfrench said

      Mate I’m with you on the drinking thing , I only had one drink and I’m a outcast as well.

      Those shots , now you must mean the ones that you asked me to take for you !!!!


      • muzz said

        I had to have one to resurrect my manly reputation after being served a coffee in a rather feminine glass. I should have been paying more attention but I was distracted by Abby 🙂

  16. Denial is the first sign that you have a problem fellas!

  17. mmm, this thread seems to have taken on a new theme, I’m sure we all only had 1 drink all day.

    I know I only had 1 drink 3 times, still can’t believe my wife wouldn’t come and pick me up so I could have more 1 drinks 😀

  18. So who is Abby and is she the reason everyone seems to be drinking ??

  19. peterellery said

    Hey Merv Great to meet you on the TN. Your tribute to CF really cracks me up. Nice work.

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