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Posted by mervfrench on January 19, 2010

…… or was that the 60’s , anyway if you do remember then you weren’t really there as the saying goes.

If you don’t know what I’m on about , go ask your father or that crazy uncle that nobody wants to talk about , he’ll know. !!!!

Something a little different , yeah I know it’s been done before but anyway I  tried this  and I like it , and I didn’t inhale as I took the shot     🙂


MUZZA , don’t stare at this too long  or the past will all come back to you.



22 Responses to “HEY MAN , DO YOU REMEMBER THE 70’s……..”

  1. truenorthmark said

    Love it mate…very cool shot! I did a similar thing in Hong Kong with some lights a while back!

  2. Hey Merv,

    That is really wicked. Yes its been done before but you’ve managed to do this really well.


  3. Very interesting shot Merv, looks a bit like you were driving on the verge when you took it 😉

  4. ishabelle said

    wow! what a great shot. i really like your site. 🙂

  5. muzz said

    Hey Merv, have the seventies gone? Well where-the-hell-are-we-now-then?

    Looks a lot like the view out of the back window of my old Morris 1100 with a few drops of FirePower in the tank 🙂

  6. ecomuseimages said

    Jeezuz…Tex-Mex and Mr Sacrament go for a drive.

  7. hodgy1 said

    Should be called Road Tripen, Who needs mind altering drugs with photos like this. Always thought you were a bit of a space cadet.

  8. mervfrench said

    Shouldn’t that be Trippin’ maybe!!

    Anyway this wouldn’t have looked out of place on John Lennon’s wall.

  9. wayte27 said

    Hey Merv nice pic mate always healthy to think out the square. I took a sunset abstract image last night, worked a treat
    Check it out when your vision is back !
    Cheers Adrian

  10. haha, nice work Merv!

  11. Good one Merv. Makes me feel a bit giddy!

  12. Might have to check this one again in the morning Merv. Reckon I’ve had to much to drink tonight!!!

  13. Now that is a road trip….

  14. nice…. feel like puking now.

  15. Dan Scott said

    I looked at this before a pre employment drung test the other day, I was freaking out about the whole thing. Luckily I passed. This is always quite an amusing concept, does provide a good laugh when taken on different subjects. see you on the crusie if your going.

  16. I have to say I like it as much as I want to hate it.

  17. SKP said

    Great Effect Merv ( & I do remember the 60’s, being Tom P’s Dad( I think???)

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