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The Things You See ……..

Posted by mervfrench on January 18, 2010

Couldn’t resist buying this when I saw it down south.  Must be the ” REAL AUSSIE MEAT PIE ” , they don’t come more Australian than this.

Now there’s a couple of problems here that they will have to work on. Poor old Tassie has been  left off again and Lake Ayre  the lowest point in Australia is too  far to the  north and west ,  presuming of course that the dark hole by the WA NT  border is meant to be Lake Ayre.

For the record it wasn’t much of a pie unfortunately , promised lots delivered little . I managed to get thru WA which was very hot and SA which was  quite dry  but had to leave the eastern states as they went a bit soggy .  A bit to real maybe !!!!

Get your own piece of Australian pie at the Siesta Park Service station next time you go past.


7 Responses to “The Things You See ……..”

  1. hodgy1 said

    Well I’ll be, Should have put this up on Australia day next week .

  2. hmmm, interesting no Tasi 🙂

  3. bryceworld said

    Who needs Tassie anyway 😉 Actually I do, I’ve only ben there once and it was amazing! Maybe cause I’m a visual/tree hugger kinda guy and liked the local untouched landscape 😀
    Merv I gotta say, being a new south welshman, and therefore the best state this country has to offer.. ease up on the sauce tiger! we’re not that small 😉

  4. That’s nothing Merv, there’s a guy at the Hillarys Markets that paints with Vegemite …

    He’s pretty good too, check out his web site

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