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Hello Blog World … We’re Back

Posted by mervfrench on January 16, 2010

Back from a break away , well we came back  a few days ago but this is the first chance I’ve had to post anything.

We went down south around Albany ,  Denmark , Walpole , Augusta , Busselton etc ( no one else went that way ) then a few days in Perth City .

This shot is at Madfish Bay out of Denmark . Shot this at midday trying out the new 10 stop Singh-Ray Duo filter for the first time , this is a 8 image shot with a 15 sec exposure. The long exposure took all the chop out of the water.

I cloned out a couple of beach goer’s that were moving all over the place but the rest is as it was , a nice quite beach on a nice sunny day.

Now this is up I can see some banding in the sky ,I’ll have to have a look at that , any suggestions as to the best way to get rid of it ?

20 Responses to “Hello Blog World … We’re Back”

  1. mattinman said

    Welcome back! Nice image, I got around this once by using ‘dodge and burn’ in a 50% grey layer and going easy.

    I’m sure there’s better advice out there though…

  2. davidsobik said

    Nice one Merv, should have looked me up, could have gone out for a shoot! (I am in Albany!)



    • mervfrench said

      Hi David, actually i did look you up. I went to camera world and they told me where you worked but you weren’t there and i didn’t get back as we were only there for a couple of days.

      Next time .

  3. hodgy1 said

    Hey did you ever wonder why it was called Madfish bay ?

  4. mattinman said

    A bunch of blokes went fishing there and described the fishing as ‘the fish almost jumped into the the boat’ or sommit similar. I’ll try to remember to check it out with Geographic Names at work tomorrow.

  5. Donelle said

    Good to see you back Merv!! Glad to hear that you had a nice break, lovin this pic too by the way!! 🙂

  6. Hey Merv,

    Great photo. That water just looks so inviting.


  7. mattinman said

    Hey Merv,

    Madfish Bay: “According to local folklore, the bay’s tranquillity is broken when two tides meet. The fish confused by this natural phenomenon, can be observed leaping in the air as if in a state of complete madness.” Off the Madfish Winery Site.


    • mervfrench said

      Good one Matt thanks.

      i’m not sure if there’s not another Madfish Bay on the west coast around Margret River, thats what the winery is named after, , but i could be wrong.

  8. truenorthmark said

    Nice one Merv, sounds like you had a good break away.

    Did you have a UV filter on as well as the ND? I had some issues way back when i had a UV on the lense and banding just like that. Took it off and presto!

    Also try bumping the ISO up a bit so that you don’t get quite so long an exposure. The smooth look is OK sometimes, but I kinda like a little bit of movement anywhere from 1.6 seconds or close to 1 second.

    Nice to have you back mate…good pie story too eh!

    • mervfrench said

      Thanks Mark.

      No UV on this, Its a dual filter though , variable ND and a CP as well. It was the first time I used it and I think I didn’t have the CP turned far enough so it’s left a little banding

      I wanted the long exposure and smooth water to make stitching easier but it was a bit of a trial, as it was the filters first outing.

      Looks like you’ve givin Rotto a fair working over as well.

  9. truenorthmark said

    Yeah Merv and more to come yet as I live there most weekends these days!

  10. Great pano Merv, sounds like a great trip as well. The banding must be due to polarisation of the sky. With no clouds to hide the banding, a polariser on a day like this is probably not so good for a stitch.

  11. mattinman said

    Any P’s when stitching are a bad idea, mind you, I’ve blown images by careless use of ND’s. Just an idea but have you tried a non-destructive dodge and burn? It worked for me once, took a long while or do the same with the individual images, get rid of the worst of it and let PT GUI do the blending work.

  12. Lloyd said

    Nice photo Merv, looks very peaceful and tranquil.

  13. sometimes a motion blur and a gaussian blur will fix this, or hell a whole new sky!

  14. Hahaha gotta love it. Trust CF to come up the best idea yet. Had the same problem with a great photo but an average sky. So grabbed a sunrise in Kalbarri that turned into a sunset in crawley. Worked a treat! (racking up brownie points for an XXL TNFP shirt on Tuesday)

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