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Gliding… ibird Ver.2a 2b 2c.

Posted by mervfrench on December 17, 2009

Well here’s the big bird again with a couple of suggestions from Mark and Jamie  added.

Cropped with a vignette


Different shot. pano crop , slight vignette , over sharpened , cliche title.

Comments welcome , and they will be passed onto the bird.


19 Responses to “Gliding… ibird Ver.2a 2b 2c.”

  1. ecomuseimages said

    A little more effort on hair and makeup but otherwise I think the bird should go far.

    • mervfrench said

      I’ll tell the bird if I can find him Grahem , trouble is they all look the same to me so I’m not sure how I’ll pick him out. 🙂

  2. Hi Merv,

    I really like this shot now. All the attention is really pulled into the Pelican and we aren’t distracted by anything else. I still marvel at the level of detail that you’ve managed to capture with this Pelican. Its a fantastic job.


  3. They funny birds the old pelicans. We had one, (I reckon it was the same one) land on the dam around xmas time every year, for about 5 years. I reckon our farm was his stopover between Busselton and Albany, after he split with the missus, and had to go and visit his kids in Albany!!
    Sorry mate…bad story!!

  4. I hope you were going to say 6 image stitch for the bottom one.

    You wouldn’t be selling this BBQ would you? there is a great commentary in the questions.

    • mervfrench said

      Oh yeah Thomas, forgot to say it was a 5 image stitch, you were close mate!!!

      And the BBQ , well I’ve got the exact same model and I paid $5 for it so be careful not to get ripped off, do your homework on this one !!!!

  5. truenorthmark said

    Yep the cropped version with the Vignette works well mate so both Jamie and I were right!

    Sweet mate!

  6. stakky said

    like em! hey what was that noise removal app you were talking about?

  7. shot with the new 400 mate?? oh thats right you got beaten to it. Nice for pelicans, think they would look good with some nik’s B&W.

  8. stakky said

    hang on THAT’S FOR WINDOWS and i’m on a MAC. What a party killer!

  9. muzz said

    Thumbs up for the C&V version. Merv if you were coming from the 40D now, what do you reckon you’d go for, the 5D2 or the 7D?

  10. mervfrench said

    I guess that’s always the case when a camera is 1 yr old and another ones on the horizon.

    A bit like cars really , if we were sensible we would wait and by a near new used one, but human nature and all……

    I’ve seen the shutter thing before. built to take it nothing to worry about.

    Cheers muzz

    Are we seeing you on the boat ?

  11. muzz said

    Yep I’ll be there. I’ve got a feeling that CF is working on a synchronised swimming routine with Mark so take that underwater housing with you!

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