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Harvest Rolls on.

Posted by mervfrench on December 11, 2009

Here’s some more blokey stuff for Christian Fletcher who has gone all manly since he cut his hair.

The harvest is continuing although it is fast drawing to a close. In our area most will be finished probably next week with some already finished for the year. In general it hasn’t been a good year with the weather being the main culprit closely followed by poor prices for grain. While the rainfall was good early in the season it wasn’t a kind finish to the year with one more good rain needed in September.

Here’s a couple of shots taken last evening of headers in action.

This one is a 4 image hand held , good old PTGUI did the trick again.

36 Responses to “Harvest Rolls on.”

  1. truenorthmark said

    The Pano’s kinda mesmerizing Merv!

  2. mervfrench said

    Merv’s Mesmerising Masterpiece.

    Kinda gotta ring to it !!!

    The pano was cropped quite a bit as it was only 4 shots , but I think it came out ok..

    The light out in the paddock was great last night, a nice bit of cloud would have topped it off. Trying to chase the headers around and get them in right spot was a bit of a trial as no one wanted to stop.
    There were 4 headers working but I couldn’t get them together at once, that would have made a great shot

    Cheers Mark for the comment..

  3. truenorthmark said

    Shots like that come to those who wait mate!

    • mervfrench said

      They were all working in different area’s of the paddock so it’s hard to get them to all come together. You need a big open area where they can all follow each other , then it makes it hard to unload them if they are close together, it all need’s to be organised and that takes time.

  4. Nice shots Merv… I like the one with the lights on best…

  5. Can’t get enough of the harvest stuff Merv, brilliant! Thanks so much! Really miss harvest season, must get a job on one of those in WA one day.

    Your pano is great, talk about leading lines 🙂

    • mervfrench said

      Thanks Flemming for the visit and comment.

      I’m going out to get more “line ” shots.

      Hope your adventure is going well.

      I reckon i could get you a job at harvest or seeding no problem.

  6. hodgy1 said

    Good Stuff mate, I know i’ve told you but the middle one with the lights is the standout for me. I have posted some of my own to keep the theme going. Anyone else got any harvesting shots ?

  7. mattinman said

    Love ’em, especially the last one. The middle one with the lights is on the money too, I’d love to take images like these of agricultural equipment at work. At night would be best. Your blog’s next hodgy!

  8. Donelle said

    I like these Merv, very nice!! I love the fact that this farmer has a Johhny Harvester and a CASE IH tractor, obviously a farmer that doesnt stick to one brand unlike many!!!!

  9. ecomuseimages said

    Top Pano champ!

  10. Great shots that tell the story Merv.

  11. It’s great to see them getting the crop off, as only some of us know too well how much time and money gets put into it. If only all the farmers would get rewarded for teir hard work, then we’d probably see a lot more still in business. Think it’s time for the government to support the Australian farmers, and educate the consumer about supporting local. Don’t let the big supermarkets get 100% market share, otherwise we’ll all be eating chinese grown food, where there are no standards for the healthy cultivation of fruit and veges. Sorry Merv, just very passionate about the subject.
    By the way, I like the photos!!! Great stuff.

  12. It’s even forced one to try and earn some few extra bucks to feed himself taking photos!!!

  13. Tony Middleton said

    Cool rural shots Merv – I like the first two in particular !

    • mervfrench said

      thanks Tony, did you get over the road at your place and get any of the hay baling in action ?

      • Tony Middleton said

        No I didn’t Merv – the rolls are just sitting there on the hills (like thousands of others in the district ) so when I get a chance with the right light I plan to take a few shots.


  14. Christian said

    great blokey stuff, and I agree with Jamie, big supermarkets are bad news, we only by fruit and vegies from our small vegie shop, better veggies, we can get organic stuff and you know the money goes to th right place not to some greedy shareholder.

  15. muzz said

    Put me down for the handheld under lights – picked up the softness in the moving grain without losing the sharp edges on the machine. Not sure about luck – as Arnold Palmer said, “The more I practise, the luckier I get” – I think you’ve been practising!

  16. We still need to put pressure on the state government about country of origing labelling……just as much for the processed food as well as fresh!! There’s still those dodgey store owners playing off other countries produce as local!!
    If anyon was wonering why chinese garlc is so white…it’s because it’s bleached!!
    DDT, Dieldren, Heptachlor, all banned here in Oz, but still used where othr produce is being imported from!!
    Sorry Merv for the forum, don’t wantto take it away from your photos, but I think it’s time we start asking questions again.

  17. mervfrench said

    No argument from me Jamie.

  18. mattinman said

    This is one of the reasons I take an interest in agricultural issues. When I buy groceries I make sure I know where it comes from and it should have been grown in Australia. Local growers need our support!

  19. I like the way you think Matt, but there’s alot more that we don’t know about. Just have a look on mixed nut and processed food labels, made from local and imported products…..99% imported products!!

  20. mattinman said

    Yes I’m still with you… I want a breakdown too, there’s more information on a cigarette packet than a packet of brocolli. The words ‘Processed in Australia’ to me holds nothing. Where did the ingredients come from? I’ve watches some doco’s from the UK on what make a food legal and I’ve been appalled at what 100% beef means when a lawyer or marketer has any input!!! I don’t like the ‘made from local and imported products’ tag either, don’t so I don’t buy it.

  21. Stakky said

    ey these are sweet, that pano is great!

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