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Harvest is on !!!

Posted by mervfrench on November 23, 2009

Harvest is starting to really get going this week now that the weather has started to do the right thing.

This is Canola being harvested.

Canola turns from a nice bright yellow flower that looks sensational in spring  into a tangled prickly dry plant at harvest time.

You wouldn’t drive a vehicle thru the stubble after it is harvested as you could easily puncture a tyre.

More harvest shots to come as things hot up abit.






19 Responses to “Harvest is on !!!”

  1. truenorthmark said

    Nice sharp shots there Merv!

  2. wayte27 said

    Hey Mate love the beer image and buy the way my HDR is most likely over cooked, just wait till fletch looks at it, he will likely book himself into an optometrist. Now fence sitting hurts the last time I tried but I forgot your a farmer so you spend most of your time with a post up ya a$#e. 🙂

    • mervfrench said

      Ex ….. so i’ve removed the post. 🙂

      That fence sitting leaves you nearly as sore as riding a bike around the city covered in bright lycra , and looking like something from ” Little Britain” 🙂

      Cheers .

  3. Ah love it, nostalgia, how I miss the harvest season, was the best part of the year as a kid!

  4. So was it a good year?

  5. Donelle said

    Not a bad looking crop there Merv. I like these pics, quite noice!! lol

  6. Donelle said

    Lovin the new header pic to by the way!!

  7. KhenG said

    Thanks for sharing harvesting of canola, never knew that side of the industry having grown up in a city all my life.

  8. geez, they are bloody sharp. looks good, I like the first one.

  9. mattinman said

    I’ve walked through lots of canola stubble, it’s not pleasant, best to kick it out of the way. That stuff will rip you legs to shreds if you don’t. I too have to ask if it was a good year? Do you know of any hay bales for the photography of your way?

    • mervfrench said

      Most of the hay has been shifted now , nothing left.

      The year is turning out not so good. Canola yields of around a tonne to the hectare are the norm , I’ve heard of some down to as low as 500 kg.

      Barley has a problem with small grain and wheat yield’s are not as good as expected, put it all together with poor prices and most just want to get it all over with and get on with next year.

      Matt you seem to know a bit about agriculture , are you in that line of work?

  10. mattinman said

    No I’m not, I’m just very interested in the landscape including agriculture. There’re some magnificent patterns created by agriculture and it’s fluid, it changes.I do have a mate with 200 acres out near York, between him and Landline I’ve picked up a bit over the years. I’ve Rogained over plenty of farmland too, that’s how I know about canola stubble. There’s also something really cool about fence posts…

  11. mattinman said

    Have you thought any more about a night shoot at the tanks?

  12. Tony Middleton said

    Nice one Merv ! they are bailing the hay (rolls) across the road from my place tonight… though it’s looking a lot greener than over your way… but it’s dried out earlier than usual again this year… (2-3wks).


  13. i like this blokey stuff Merv!

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