mervfrench PHOTOGRAPHY


Real Photographer’s Beer.

Posted by mervfrench on November 18, 2009

This is the beer for real shooters and it’s good for the environment, nothing artificial , that’s got to be good.

Shoot RAW drink RAW

This was a 4 image stitch and the 2nd  beer.

5 Responses to “Real Photographer’s Beer.”

  1. mattinman said

    Does this mean no preservatives? If so it could be a winner, was it really a 4 image stitch, if so your dedication to the cause demands respect.

  2. muzz said

    I prefer my lager wet…

  3. As long as you don’t photograph in the RAW.
    That 2nd beer has affected the horizon.

    Great work Merv.

  4. Hey Merv send a copy down CF’s way. I hear that’s his main currency these days!
    Back in Perth soon so will add something to the blog then.

  5. bryceworld said

    LowER carbs – ha! how much? My belly begs to differ with these so called claims 😉
    Way to make me thirsty merv.. so hot over here right now.

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