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A Few From Fri. Night.

Posted by mervfrench on November 9, 2009

Here’s a couple of shots from the worlds biggest photography pizza night supplied by Ben from Team Digital .

Taken on his G11 by myself and Pete Hodgson.

As you can see Ben , the portraiture workshop last week  really paid off for both of us 🙂

You can see Fletch and Ben sort of hogged the show a bit.Fri-night1Ben Walton, Team Digital, left, and Christian Fletcher  ” Our pizza’s are big and they’re cheesy ”

Fri-night2 Ben” the tosser” Walton  . This one didn’t touch the floor, but he had to wait till it came off the roof

Fri-night4L-R   Merv French , Ben , Fletch

Fri-night5L-R    Stephen Williams , Mike Fletcher , Jamie Paterson  and  iTNFP.

Fri-night7 Mark ” The gun pizza cook ” Stothard  inserting another one into the fire.


” This is my 4 th pizza, I’m going to bust out of this unreal shirt like Superman soon.”

It was a good fun night .


22 Responses to “A Few From Fri. Night.”

  1. Christian said

    some fantastic subject matter there mate. Thanks for coming Merv!

  2. mattinman said

    I like the tee, suits you!

  3. mattinman said

    Hey Merv, next time you’re heading for the big smoke drop me line, there’s always Alfred’s the unofficial ‘Restaurant at the Centre of the Universe’!

  4. wayte27 said

    Hey Merv love the image captions perfect Great record of the night.
    Looking forward to the wordpress pitch a tent star trails and windmills promo in northam.
    Im sure you have a mate with a spare paddockk or 2.

  5. mattinman said

    Jus Burgers in Leederville! Hmm, that’s now on the list of burgers to try, it’s just that Alfred’s is just a Par 15 away. Any clues as the whereabouts of ‘Jus’ Burgers’?

    Are you based in Northam???

  6. muzz said

    Hehe the lens loves CF no matter what side of it he’s on1

  7. Looks like a brilliant fun night! Also looks like Fletch spent the whole night playing with tomato sauce and a spoon 🙂

  8. Hi Merv,

    You certainly managed to capture some good looking people at the Pizza Night. Looks more like a modelling A list party than a bunch of photographers.


  9. Yep looks like a great night fellas! Sorry I wasn’t able to make it! Will see you all on the Rotto trip though!

  10. Yes it was an A list party for sure. Muzz your right about the camera loving me. Only Tom putt does better in this regard.

  11. Donelle said

    Looks like it was a fun night!!! Sorry to have missed it!! 😦

  12. I see your lending a hand Merv, propping up the bar down one end …. good work 🙂

  13. stakky said

    CF is starting to look a little scary with that hair!!

  14. dylanfox said

    Pitty the A+ team wasnt there!! 😉
    I would have loved to go! If theres ever a next time!!!

  15. nice work Merveman- was good to meet ya!

  16. Mike Fletcher said

    Hey Merv, Tell mop head to get a haircut.

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