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You gotta See This …….

Posted by mervfrench on November 8, 2009

When Mark approached me on Friday night at the pizza party with a little plastic bag that had  green seeds in it I thought  ” Hey , you’ve got the wrong guy ”

Nah just joking.

Mark had told me he had the MOET et CHANDON of green teas and was giving me some to try.

Well you have to see what happens here . Put a couple of seeds in a cup and pour on hot water.


Nothing to special here . BUT .. wait a few minutes and …WOW..  this is what happens  they open up like a Lotus Flower , quite  SPECTACULAR.



Not sure where they are grown , probably on the  west side of a gentle Tibetan slope and picked by only Monks that were born in the year of 1946 , Mark will have to fill us in here.

I must say the tea is a very nice tasting Green tea , not like the common garden variety.

Thanks Mark for the  tea it’s great, and a real conversation piece.

It really is the MOET et CHANDON of Green Tea


14 Responses to “You gotta See This …….”

  1. mattinman said

    Looks interesting Merv, when Mark spills the beans fill us all in, I wouldn’t mind trying that. It would be a real conversation piece.

  2. mervfrench said

    Hey Matt , wasn’t you that said coffee was the only way to go LOL.

    What happened Fri night, i thought you were going ?

  3. Luke Austin said

    Well would you look at that. Very interesting Mervman

  4. muzz said

    Looks like a bit of a Jack and the Beanstalk type thing – you should try planting them and see if you can find the goose that laid the golden egg! I wonder if they’ll grow in the wheatbelt – I’m partial to green tea myself so a local WA crop would go down nicely.

    Nice to meet you the other night. Look forward to the wheatbelt get together (plan it around Dowerin or Newdegate and we can give you a hand with your photography stall! 😉

  5. mattinman said

    I thought I was too, but the invite never came! I should have followed it up with mark on Friday but by then I’d committed to an early start on Saturday. I is kicking myself for sure boss, but dat just the way it is. I would like to do a wheat belt photo run like someone (blogs is blurs @ present) suggested. I’ve not ventured into the deep cereal belt, just the Perth -Toodyay-Beverley triangle.

  6. truenorthmark said

    Glad to see that the tea lived up to the wrap I gave it Merv!

    Great shots of the night on your blog above as well mate!

    It was certainly good to put a face to the name Merv finally. Look fwd to the next adventure!



  7. truenorthmark said

    You bet!

    • mattinman said

      I’ll get my Pizza one day, or I’ll have to shout you a burger @ Alfred’s, Mark. Mind you I’ve never been to Rotto and I arrived in Perth in 1979 (30 years ago) so your Oz Day Jaunt’s looking good, maybe I’ll see you there.

  8. truenorthmark said

    I don’t think I have even met anyone that hasn’t been to Rotto…that could be a carton Matt!

    You had better slip onto it and get that slot booked as we only have 40 slots left after 2 days!

  9. kirkhille said

    Nice Tea Merv ,
    Im a huge green tea and white tea drinker love the stuff .
    Have a huge selection at home with many interesting leaf types hand rolled and shapped etc

  10. craig chiswell said

    Kirk, are you talking about tea leaves now? Wondered how you got your amazing photos.
    Merv, watch out, Mark may just well be trying to lure you on to the next NorthStar/Austral ferry to Hong Kong, where he can sell you off to some photography sweat shop in mainland China, where you will be found pumping out image after image of a stuffed kangaroo so they can add it onto all the Aussie tourist stuff to be sent back here. Watch him mate, don’t let him get you hooked on that exotic green. lol

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