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More from Marble Bar

Posted by mervfrench on October 30, 2009

_MG_4860Well I can’t stop now ,  so here’s three  more from Marble Bar, what a place !!

This one is the grocery store or one of them , and what a store it is.

Packed to the roof with anything you may need…. if it’s open.

You have to be there when the owner decides he wants to open the door , which could be anytime he feels like it.

This one below  is the road into Kitty Cat Gap , the gap can be seen in the distance.

It really is great country, I love it up in the North West.


And here is the gap itself


This one is east of Marble Bar at Kitty Cat Gap a nice little water hole in a gap in the hills there  Nice little place to camp and you’ll probably have it all to yourself as its a bit off the beaten track.

10 Responses to “More from Marble Bar”

  1. Hehe, Merv, you are the true ambassador of Marble Bar. Love the story of the grocery store!

  2. hodgy1 said

    Hey, they must have heard you were in town and not obeying the camping rules so this is what they had to do to the poor old shop .. check out security. hehe.
    I had forgotten about the shop, thanks for reminding me.

  3. Hey Merv the top pic is a real gem. It makes the town look like a real outback frontier town, which it is. The colour balance makes it look real hot too, which it probably was!
    Have a great weekend.

  4. mattinman said

    Lever’s Grocery Store, look more like high security prison for groceries you’d need a lever to get anything out off. Oh well at least you can’t call it a tourist trap (unless you get locked in)!

  5. truenorthmark said

    Jeez Merv… must have been there for a week!



  6. Merv good to catch up tonight. I love the idea of doing some Photographic tour of the WheatBelt. I think you could some great things over two period say. And yes I would love to be in charge of the catering Haha. What about an outdoor presentation say 2 min for everyone who attends or in a shearing shed. Perhap a lamb spit. What ever it is Im in.

  7. ecomuseimages said

    Top spot aint it mate. Doolena Gorge has been the scene of several sunset ales from the roof rack of my truck!! Bloody hot though….

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