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Marble Bar WA

Posted by mervfrench on October 28, 2009

Marble Bar in the Pilbara region of Western Australia is a rather famous or infamous town , depends on which way you look at it

It’s famous for being the hottest town in WA but it also has some of the coldest beer in WA.

To give this little town it’s 5 minutes of fame Dave Bettini suggested a showcase Marble Bar day where several of us have posted shots from the area around Marble Bar.

Here is my shot from the area.

This is Chinamans Pool which is about 10km’s west of the town. This was taken one  evening  in August 08 and we camped here for the night next to the no camping sign.

So for your next Holiday don’t go to Bali, don’t go to Hawaii , don’t go to the Gold Coast , pack up and  GO TO MARBLE BAR.

Here is a panorama image of the town.

click on the image to enlarge


You could even live in Marble Bar . Check out the real estate in town and compare the prices to Sydney.

Here are the other shots from the area.

Dave Bettini

Flemming Bo Jensen

Rod Thomas

Casey Smith

Pete Hodgson


19 Responses to “Marble Bar WA”

  1. hodgy1 said

    Specky sky in this one buddy, I have posted my interpretation of the area here

  2. I’ll meet you there Merv. I went swimming in Chinamans Pool in summer and even the water in the river was so uncomfortably warm. I like your pic.

  3. mattinman said

    Nice one Merv, that sky is amazing. Great to hear that you’re carrying on that great Australian tradition ‘ignoring pointless signage’. I’m so going to go to Marble Bar… maybe.

  4. Very speccy sky Merv, beautiful Marble Bar image – and I like how you sell the town. Not point in doing things halfway!

    Just had a look at the real estate. The Caravan Park is for sale !!!! Wauv, my lucky day indeed. For less than a million dollars I can own my own caravan park in Marble Bar. Looks like my nomadic life will be shortlived!

  5. craig chiswell said

    Stunning shot Merv, very nice, and watch out Flem or Mark will scoop in and have True North Outback.

  6. great shot Merv- wicked sky.
    love the purple contrasting against the reds

  7. truenorthmark said

    Nice work Merv…up there with one of your best I reckon!



  8. truenorthmark said

    I have been a bit busy mate!

    Got a real job for a while for the Trinidad Government as Owner’s rep for some ferries being built at Austal!



  9. Damn thats a sweet shot Merv ….

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