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Wednesday Night is Bar night !!!

Posted by mervfrench on October 26, 2009

Do you have any shots from Marble Bar in WA?

Dave Bettini has suggested a mini Marble Bar promo  so I’m in it and we are both going to post  a shot from Marble Bar or surrounding area on Wed. night so if  you have anything  put it up on your blog and we will all have a look and see what  everyone  has  from a rather unique part of the world.

Leave a note here if you like and I’ll link it.

Cheers .


12 Responses to “Wednesday Night is Bar night !!!”

  1. I will dig up whatever I have and post a Marble Bar pictorial sometime Wednesday.

  2. And I’ll pop something up tomorrow as well!

  3. Merv I will have 2 shots for you from Marble Bar, give me abut an hour to have them up for you.


  4. caseysmith said

    Here you go Merv uploaded for you, I hope your night goes well.
    Thanks for the plug as well when you link our Blogs.

  5. caseysmith said

    Hi Merv I did see your, very nice, it was way too cold to get out of bed to go up that high. Plus I was enjoying the sleep in for once. Rod is posting as well shortly. He has a sweet kick ass shot.

  6. Rod Thomas said


    I am in as well mate ( I know, its Tuesday, but I have a bot of shot going on here and might forget tomorrow and in no way wanted to miss out on all the fun of Bar night )

    I linked from my site to Daves, Alberts, Casey and your site, so lets get this party started…


  7. great idea to do this stuff Merv and David.

  8. hodgy1 said

    Hey I think I’ve got one worth posting, I might be able to generate a few more links if I post it eh ?
    Tomorrows the big day.

  9. Rod Thomas said

    Your rite, PNG has alot to live up to mate, I am spoilt after having been to “The Bar” I think… will keep you posted though mate

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