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Marble Bar Going to Sleep.

Posted by mervfrench on October 25, 2009

After seeing a pano on Flemming’s blog of Marble Bar it reminded me of this shot that I took there last year.As Flemming explained nothing much happens in Marble Bar ,  it’s a pretty laid back place , but there is plenty to see if you know where to look.

I went up to the lookout on  this evening and decided to try something different . I took  these shots spread over about 10 min or something like that and PTGUI stitched and blended them fairly well I’d say. It was very warm and still so I guess thats why there is little or no cloud movement .

It’s something a little out if the ordinary and I flicked  it off to Flemming in an email just to show him my take on Marble Bar , he encouraged me to post it ,  so here it is.

One good thing at Marble Bar , the beers cold at the pub.


You can see  Flemmings take on the same view  here

25 Responses to “Marble Bar Going to Sleep.”

  1. This is a much nicer shot than mine – and the caravan park is much busier here!

    We never made it to the pub, CAKE crew was cold enough already and the pub with bars for doors looked a bit rough haha.

  2. mervfrench said

    The pubs ok the bars mean nothing. The place can rock at times.

    We usually camp out of town most times , this time we camped out at Chinaman Pool, right next to the no camping sign !!!

    Thanks for the comment Flemming.

  3. You shot is a really great represtentation of Marble Bar Merv. Small, surrounded by low rugged hill in a landscape dominated by spinifex. A great iconic town of the Pilbara! Well done Merv!

  4. I’ve never been up here but this photo makes me want to go. I like the charm of small country towns and this photo represents that well. Great photo merv!

  5. katieleigh said

    very nice lighting, i love it 🙂

  6. Really nice Merv. Visited Marble Bar once upon a time. I remember the drive from Hedland down a winey gravel road which wound it’s way through a small mountain ridge, which was absolutley fantastic. The ridge was sparkling with green, silver and red. The sun was setting behind me, and all I could think is… doh! Why did I not bring my camera!!

  7. Damn Merv this a great shot. I love the detail and point of view that you’ve captured here. The lights just coming on before the sunsets. This is a stunner!


  8. ha ha… from memory it was at the tail end of a day spent fishing, but I don’t remember there being any wine 🙂

  9. truenorthmark said

    Interesting shot mate!

    The last time I was in Marble bar was with a sales crew and trying to fix a hole in a fuel tank in a HT Holden…you might be guessin that was a little while ago eh!



    • mervfrench said

      Mark , first time I went there I was in a Toyota Corona in the late 70s and holed the sump so we spent an afternoon taking that off and borrowing a welder to patch it.

      Not surprised we holed it considering we were using a small car as a 4wd , but the little car was a tough as nails..

      Been there a few times since and it’s an interesting place, rather unique. I’ll find a few other shots from the area and put them up in coming days.

      • Hey Merv
        What do you reckon about everyone in blog land doing a grand Marble Bar promotion where we all put up of favorite Marble Bar shots at the same time. I’m not proposing a comp I just MB is such an iconic Pilbara town that deserves the attention! Would have to be done this week though as I am off to Carnarvon for 3 weeks this Saturday. What so you think?

  10. mervfrench said

    Yep Good Idea. What if we put up the best shots of Marble Bar or surrounds on Wed. night do you think?

  11. Awesome Merv, love the way the light fades from left to right over image, as day fades into night… I now wish I had an image of Marble Bar.
    You could do this more often, give the rest of us a couple of weeks to try and get an image to put up. Different town every month… I can hear crickets’!

  12. Oh, great frame by the way looks quite real!

  13. I wondered what it looked like, thanks for showing us. Now as for your sharpening young Merven, that is a little over cooked I think. I like the idea of the delayed stitches but it makes me want to see this with an all over perfect exposure.

  14. mervfrench said

    That’s m-e-r-v-Y-n thank you !

    Ah so you would like to see more, then it has had the desired effect.

    Unfortunately the only way you will see it in one exposure is get it yourself because this is all I have.

    Jeeez this all sounds like something Stacky would say.

  15. I grew up about 200km from Marble Bar Merv and this shot is great. Your typical central Nth WA township. Brings back memories.

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