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The Mill Run

Posted by mervfrench on October 21, 2009

Went for a  drive this evening to see what I could find and I came back with this. It wasn’t really what I set out to get but that happens .

I have a pano of this but I think the single shot is better.

I’ve spent some  time tied on to the top of these windmills changing bearings and oil etc but I’m glad I don’t do it now ,  I think I’ve lost my nerve a bit anyway..

If it’s a calm day and you want some wind to blow  just climb up a windmill and the wind will appear instantly

I suspect Dave Bettini would know what I mean about that.



31 Responses to “The Mill Run”

  1. Peter Hodgson said

    Love it.

  2. mattinman said

    A nice looking image here Merv, got to love a windmill in the Australian landscape. thi one’s nice and moody, the windmill blur adds to the atmosphere.

    Now dumb question, how do you get to use the smaller image in your blog and yet move to the bigger version in the link from the smaller image in the blog?

    • mervfrench said

      Yep clear as mud that question Matt.

      I think I know what you mean. When you upload an image after it takes you to the next page were you insert it into the post make sure you tick ” link to image” It should stay ticked once you’ve done it for all your next post’s .

      I think that’s right. Hope the answer was as clear as the question.

      Good luck with the blog.

  3. Lauren said

    This is a good photo dad 🙂 put it on the wall!

    • mervfrench said

      You can have it on your wall if you pay for it.

      Gee I’m a good dad, and don’t give me any of that” I’m just a poor uni student” stuff either 🙂

  4. Peter Hodgson said

    Lauren is dead right, well worth printing and framing.

  5. Lauren said

    We will see! I mean put it on your wall at home!

  6. Very nice picture Merv. Well done.

  7. Donelle said

    Ohhhh I like this one!! Reminds me of the grandparents farm in Dowerin, not many trees and lots of crop!!

  8. Great light, great composition. Nice one, Merv.

  9. Kirk Hille said

    Great shot Merv ,
    Love the editing

  10. nice shot Merv! had to check again that it was your blog!
    very different style with the processing to your other images.
    i really like it

  11. Tony Middleton said

    very nice shot Merv ! one of my favourites of yours.

  12. Christian said

    mate are you turning to the dark side. Very stylized, but in a nice way, nice and sharp. By Jove’s we might have a photographer on our hands!! You are definitely getting better mate. Looking forward to the adulation your going to get at the pizza night.

  13. mervfrench said

    Thanks for the comments everyone and oh yeah your’s to fletch.

    I wasn’t sure that this shot was the goods.

    I kinda liked it but wasn’t sure what the response would be so it’s appreciated.

  14. Yep know what you mean Merv. They’re reall fun to tie down too when cyclones are coming too!
    Really nice pic. Hmm reminds me of home.

  15. mervfrench said

    Hey Dave ….when are you heading off?

    • Hey Merv. I’m heading up to my folks station near Carnarvon next weekend. So it looks like I’m gonna miss Mark’s big pizza night. Arrh would have loved to have been there to meet all the crew and put faces to the names. Hmmm next time.
      Have a piece and a beer for me eh!

  16. wayte27 said

    Merv really like the motion in the windmill blades
    Pity about the tree, do you have a different angle
    But the windmill is one of the best i have ever seen in motion!
    Where do you live , how far out in the country are you, Keen for a shoot

  17. Very Nice shot Merv my fav shot of yours! keep it up!

  18. Very very nice Merv. A favourite of yours

  19. danproud said

    yep brilliant shot merv! Would like to see the panoramic version too.

  20. truenorthmark said

    Nice pic for sure Merv!

    You are hittin your straps now mate!



  21. Really very cool Mervman … Love the tones you have used in the sky …

  22. Dylan Fox said

    good stuff!!

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