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Hey …It’s hay time.

Posted by mervfrench on October 14, 2009

That time of the year when hay fever sets in rather badly for some people.  I used to get hay fever pretty bad when we used to cut and bale  thousands of little square bales of hay. The fever wasn’t the regular kind but the fever you get when you have to cart all the bales. It was easy cutting and baling but carting them was job nobody liked.  I going to get out and get a couple more of these shots as there are some interesting patterns around.



15 Responses to “Hey …It’s hay time.”

  1. brilliant, would like to see a little more light in it though, just a smidge! One of your better pics mate, simple and effective.

  2. wayte27 said

    Hey Merv, nice lines and subject matter, mate you have a few nice places of interest, bugger going North just start your own photog country day trips ! ( pie and beer Inc.)
    From ant perspective wild flowers to nasal scratching harvests!
    Nice image !

  3. matthewinman said

    This is one of the few pluses of spring turning to summer in Wait Awhile (WA), the patterns created by the cutting of the crop and the resultant bales (square, round, whatever) makes for a good pattern in a landscape. I like this very much even though I can still remember hauling the end result on to a pick-up truck and the resultant pain!!!) a few years ago (worse luck!) hard work indeed! Great capture, stitch?

  4. Ahhh lovely, reminds me of my childhood. Fortunately I never had hay fever, worked a lot of hay in my life!

  5. mervfrench said

    The last time we did small bales of hay we did 28,000 and I said that’s it, never again.

    I ‘ve got mates around here now doing 40 – 50,000 of the little square horror’s, but they now have all sorts of weird and wonderful mechanical bale carriers and carters to do the job.

  6. Gotta love the changes colours and textures created by farmers!
    Nice pic mate.

  7. bryceworld said

    Killing it Merv!
    Can’t say i’ve had that much experience with hay but sure makes for some nice photos!
    Get back out there Merv… NOW!!

  8. Peter Hodgson said

    Love it, but my nose is blocking just looking at this pic but the colour and comp is real good.

  9. truenorthmark said

    Well done Merv!

  10. mervfrench said

    Thank’s all.

    Always nice to get the feedback.

  11. muzz said

    Great shot Merv – the kind of shot I always wish I had made the effort to go out and take sometime after I’ve realised it’s too late!

  12. Hey Merv,

    This is a really cool shot. I wish it was just a touch lighter but its still a great shot.


  13. Donelle said

    Ahhhhhh brings back memories of home, thanks Merv!! Mind you for my family its all silage now!!

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