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Wreath Flower…… ants eye view. UPDATE … birds eye view !!!

Posted by mervfrench on October 7, 2009

I know you really need to look at these from above to appreciate  how this unique plant  gets it’s name but I found this shot amongst some others and thought I’d show another perspective  to it.

I suppose this is the view the ants get.

This was taken north of Kalannie


As some of you may not know what the Wreath Flower actually looks like  I’ve included this shot.

They are a rather unique plant.


8 Responses to “Wreath Flower…… ants eye view. UPDATE … birds eye view !!!”

  1. Works well Merv. It’s the most interesting and best shot I’ve seen of the wreath flower. Good job mate.

  2. mervfrench said

    Thanks David, yeah it is a bit different to the norm.

  3. Hi I love the different point of view. Great shot mate.

  4. Once I worked out that it was a species of flower I was relieved. I thought you had some strange fetish laying on grave sites.

    Beaut looking flower.

  5. Donelle said

    Nice shot Merv! And I just have to say, I really love the cows in your header pic!! LOL

  6. Christian said

    I’d die for a shot like that so I could put it on my grave! Light is too contrasty.

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