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Sunset Lake with no name.

Posted by mervfrench on October 5, 2009

This is a shot of a local lake not to far from me taken a couple of months ago now.

Seeing as there were a couple of great  lake shots put up by both David and Mark they reminded me of this one so  I thought I would throw another one into the mix.

This lake is nameless and salty but it has beauty on it’s side I think.

Another spot I must get back to as there is a bit more water in it this time of the year but I bet the mozzie’s are still thick in the air.


8 Responses to “Sunset Lake with no name.”

  1. When I saw the thumb I almost thought it was Kununurra! Nice serenity here, worth revisiting for sure.

  2. The pink sky does make it look at bit tropical.

  3. truenorthmark said

    Nice work Merv!

  4. Sean Stak said

    sweeeeet shot Merv

  5. mervfrench said

    Thanks Stacky

  6. Christian said

    I think the sky is too top heavy, balance is a little off to me. Great scene though, cheers

  7. mervfrench said

    I did say on Marks blog when i pointed him to this that I could have cropped it a bit more but I left it as is . That is what i meant the sky should have come down and the sides probably should be pulled in, but what you see is what you get here !!

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