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Posted by mervfrench on October 4, 2009

After throwing out 3 others this is what I have decided to go with .

Pretty stock standard I know , but I’m going for the female vote :).

If this comes second then it’s going to make a nice  tea towel !!!!

Please comment good and bad  tell it like it is.

I have no idea what Mark is posting but I’m sure he’s in it to win it and it will be a pretty good image.


( What’s the bloody prize anyway !!! )

Click here to see Marks shot.



26 Responses to “WELL HERE IT IS………..”

  1. The everlasting’s is a great pic Merv, I like the low DOF with the others blurred in the background. It would be nice to have native Kangaroo Paws over our way. So many beautiful Orchids out and about at the moment.

  2. Peter Hodgson said

    Let me be the first to congratulate you you on a fine effort, Top job.

  3. truenorthmark said

    Very nice Merv!

    The female vote angle could be a good one, but if you check out Christian’s site you will note that there is not one female blogger on there so the odds might be against you on that front.

    I really like the background wash you have done with this one..very arty and clever.

    I am glad that you went for the narrow focus as we now have 2 totally different points of view.

    Wit regards the prize, I guess it is just the cudos of winning, but happy to put meal up as the prize if you want!

    Good luck mate… a very worthy entry!!



    • mervfrench said

      Thanks Mark .

      The comp thing good to help make us think about our photography.

      I had no idea of course what you were going to put up or what angle you would take. I tried several things but in the end it came down to this.

      We’ll enjoy the “prize” together one day when we meet.


  4. truenorthmark said

    Yes it is all a bit of fun eh!! What did you think of my version?

  5. I like them both but I think you win Merv! Mark, nice shot but the wildflowers aren’t too prominent on that size image!
    (Maybe it’s a good thing I live in QLD!) LOL

  6. wayte27 said

    Hey Merv look mate your kanga paw is the best of the 3 images. You know I love my macro and photography being so subjective, Mark & your self have portrayed two perspectives of the same subject matter to great effect.
    However if the votes count, I cant go passed a good flora macro!
    Good luck Adrian

  7. I like them Merv, you have clipped a couple so it was a hard choice, I vote goes to yours as they show the vibrant colours of the wildflowers. Marks is more my style and something I would would take myself but the think the flowers are lost with the trees and that could be just because of the angle. If it where lower looking up or along the flowers to the trees the flowers would shine through more.

    Just my 2 cents and congrats Merv, what the next comp ?

  8. mervfrench said

    Hmmmmm… intrepretation of a straight line ,interesting.

  9. truenorthmark said

    Could be….I have always been a sucker for curves!!

  10. truenorthmark said

    I hope not Neal! 🙂

  11. mervfrench said

    You can send them to me if you like.

  12. Craig Chiswell said

    Hi guys, I will have to say a fine entry by both, however there has to be a choice made…. and drumroll… entry goes to ….Merv, for his macro version. I’m also a fan of the old colourful flower macro, unless the wildflowers are in a mountainous scene, i dig those sort of broad range flower shots, like up in the kimberleys, or the rolling like you see with the farming of canola. Well done lads, perhaps more people could be in on the competition, open it up for neale and you other great shooters to have a crack. It great viewing

  13. Well I couldn’t decided last night and I reckon it’s still too hard to pick. And it’s not just that I don’t want to pick a winner. Merv’s shot shows the great diversity of WA’s flora which is found nowhere else in the world. Mark’s pick on the other hand shows both the fragility and resilience of the Aussie bush. One minute it’s devastated – the next it’s blooming. Some wildflowers even need fire to germinate.
    Sorry fellas but I’m calling a draw. You’re both champs and indeed winners!

  14. i think my votes with you again Merv
    great selection of shots- and that kangaroo paw is very nice

  15. Okay. I love the Donkey Orchard and after spending heaps of time trying to get a great flower shot I know how hard it is. I must admit my vote is with Merv on this one.


  16. mervfrench said

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment , it is much appreciated.

  17. kirkhille said

    My votes with your Merv ,
    The closer crop really captures more over there colors and details .
    Got to love them everlastings
    Cant believe its spring time already again the years keep going faster and faster

  18. Donelle said

    Well Merv if your looking for the female vote, then you have mine!! I like the everlasting’s the colour is perfect!

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