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Posted by mervfrench on September 29, 2009

We called in and had a  look at Wellington Dam going over  on Sat , worth the visit.  This would be an ideal pano job  for the tilt shift lens I think, hard to get with a standard lens from this angle.

Two questions here.

1 Would a tilt shift take the whole pano , right across the wall with no distortion.

2  Which of these shots do you prefer.

Dam Pano 1


18 Responses to “WATER WATER EVERYWHERE…….”

  1. Peter Hodgson said

    Don’t know about the lens thing but the uncropped version is my fav.

  2. Peter Hodgson said

    The uncropped one under the other uncropped one.

  3. matthewinman said

    Answers to questions:
    One: no idea, ask Fletch’ he’s coined up enough to own one.
    Two: they’re both good, I likes the one with the foreground (dat be da bottum wan) but the pano is probably the more commercial image because it’s what’s expected.
    I’ve been here before when this item is overflowing and I’ve bush-bashed through both side of the gorge looking for ‘the image’. Mostly I’ve given up and gone looking at the rapids further downstream and chucking a fly in looking for a trout. I’ll be that way in a fortnight, I’ll have to give it another look. The rapids’ will probably win again though!

    • mervfrench said

      Good luck with the fly’s if you get a chance.

      Did ypu see our favourite burger place got a big wrap in the Sunday Times ?

      • matthewinman said

        I might have to stick to the private waters with the fly’s, the licence fee has gone trough the roof!!!
        Yes, I did see that Burger Joint No1 had got the thumbs up. I may just celebrate that fact tomorrow and treat myself to one off their winning meals. Got to be better than the Dardy Dog!

  4. craig chiswell said

    Merv, I like the bottome one better with the foreground giving a nice gold touch to a typically white Welly overflow shot. The pano looks impressive tho. Did you get some good fortune with the wildflower shooting?

  5. mervfrench said

    Craig i’m still chasing something that stands out and I’m running out of time , weigh in is Sunday night.

    Wonder how Marks going?

  6. No idea on your first question Merv

    But I do like the second one better seems closer to the action with a lower view …

  7. wayte27 said

    Hey Merv, do you want to borrow an image for the wildflower comp with Mark, go to my blog to choose!! No commission required 🙂

  8. mervfrench said

    Nice Idea Adrian …..but I still have a couple of days.

    8pm Sunday night for the big simulpost !!!!!

    Be there or be square.

  9. Just head up to Kings Park tomorrow morning Merv, There should still be some everlastings up there and if you shoot it from the right angle you could come up with a good story about a road trip and no one will be any the wiser, HeHe.
    You should have come with us last weekend. looking forward to the grand final result tomorrow night.

  10. Donelle said

    Gee Merv you go to Welly Dam and you dont come and visit me!! Tut Tut!! Nice shot, I like the bottom one aswell!! Its quite tricky to get a good shot of the overflow, it is better though when they dont have the bottom thingo open aswell, makes for a cleaner picture. But the dam has stopped “going over” now so maybe next year!! lol

  11. matthewinman said

    I was there on Saturday, camera in hand and my disappointment was complete! Where was the overflow? So maybe next year, some of the rapids looked good, but a distinct lack of trout.

  12. Jakub Pyrchla said

    Hi, can your photo of the Wellington Dam be used in a report for the National Trust’s Collie-Wellington Rehabilitation Project?

    Its a very good photo!

  13. you win for sheer amount of water, I win on everything else Merv!! hehe, happy blog hijacking mate!! hehe

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