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Common Garden Variety Farm Shot of Canola

Posted by mervfrench on September 24, 2009

Canola 2

This was shot last Saturday morning when Pete Hodgson ( well known local steel fabricator and builder of quality campers ) and I went on an early morning shoot over to York.

We went up to the top of Mt Bakewell  but were a little disappointed with what we got there. It wasn’t bad when we first arrived and I got this driving thru the farm on the way but then it started to mist and got a bit hazy.

I shot what I thought were great pano’s of canola patterns looking down from the hill but I’m not that happy with them on the computer. I haven’t gone thru them all yet so if I find something I’ll post it later.

Anyway it was a nice peaceful morning to sit back and take in the view from Mt Brown.


15 Responses to “Common Garden Variety Farm Shot of Canola”

  1. Hi Merv, firstly, great shot and secondly, you might think that I’m being a smart ar$e but Mt Brown in York was named after my Great Great grandfather Thomas. They settled then in 1843, Glengarry was the station…….Edith Cowan is also related. Bit of trivia for you and also a Victoria with a bit of sandgroper in him!

  2. Nice shot Merv. I keep meaning to head out York or Toodyay way in search of some nice farming shots. BTW what kind of campers does Pete build?

  3. mervfrench said

    Mark if you check back on my blog you’ll see what I have. Mines a tray back camper with a roof top tent but Peter custom builds them to what you want, tray backs,trailers, he’s even building a off road caravan at the moment.
    Email me if you want his number Mark

    Andrew I’ve stuffed uo it was Mt Bakewell we were on not Mt Brown.
    Good to have a bit of history though and nice to know the family name lives on.

  4. Nice shot Merv. I reckon you should post some of your other shots anyway. I reckon the wheatbelt is great this time of year so it would be good to see more.

  5. Oh yea. I posted you books yesterday Merv. Cheers mate

  6. truenorthmark said

    Stuff me Merv….another cracker!!

    I really like this one as well…sharp as a tack and well worked up.

    You have a few spots in the sky to clean up mate!

    But great shot!



    • mervfrench said

      Thanks Mark….yeah a bit slack with the spots , i saw them but forgot to go back and clean them.

      I’m in a bit of a panic i haven’t got to much in the way of wildflowers , but still a while to go so i’ll get something i like somewhere.

      Fletch If you’re reading this, do have anything I can borrow?

  7. Yes Merv, post more Garden Variety Farm Images. Remind us city dwelers what we’re missing at this time of year.
    PS do you know of any decent flowering lupin crops close to Perth? They photo nicely too.

    Does anyone know of some flowering lupin crops near the metrop?

    • mervfrench said

      Sorry Matthew , your a bit late they have all but finished flowering out this way, canola is fast running out as well. You would have to start heading a further south to get flowering shots now.

  8. matthewinman said

    Bugger, the fields of white flowers look really different in the WA landscape, next year maybe?

  9. mervfrench said

    Yeah its all a money thing, it’s cheaper to buy Nitro Fert than it is to grow it . Canola has taken over as the break crop as it’s returns are far better. Lupins are the forgotten crop at the moment.

    • matthewinman said

      Lupins showed so much promise, then enter the economic crisis! Bummer, I’ll need to find and scan my older stuff. I’m sure there’s a good’un or two.

  10. Tony Middleton said

    I like this one Merv – nice strong leading lines through the composition. 🙂

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